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Things to Do in Bayamo

All the people I told I would be visiting Bayamo, Granma agreed I would like the city. Located on General Garcia street,...

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The best gay friendly places in Havana

Humboldt 52 Opened in May 2013, the hot staff, comfortable setting, and welcoming vibe at this, Havana’s first full-time, openly-gay bar, make... Read more

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Cuban communal taxis – the almendrone is a delightful way to get around

Over the years, Cubans have found many solutions to the shortage of vehicles and the Cuban taxi. Known as maquinas meaning machines or almendrones, which means almond they are also referred to as community taxis. Read more

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A quick guide to my Havana

I had been to Cuba several times but always to get away from winter and enjoy the beautiful sands of the beaches.You'll love walking in Havana, Cuba's capital and the biggest city in the Caribbean Read more

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Staying in luxurious private houses in Havana

the private rental market has not so much gone up market (there are still plenty of affordable family hosted casas) but an up-market segment has developed that competes with the best that the hotel segment has to offer Read more

The Splendor of Cuba: 450 Years of Architecture and Interiors
Habana 1791 – Recovering Fragrances
Bicycle Cuba - they’ll love you for it
Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

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Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

100 bare naked ladies but the parade down Prado of naked bodies painted by artist Manuel Mendive was a great way to kick off Havana’s 11th Art Biennale Read more

Art with an attitude – Filiberto Mora Rosales

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Art with an attitude – Filiberto Mora Rosales

Filiberto is half of Los hermanos Mora, who along with his brother Yanoski have created a splash in Cuba and many other countries Read more

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My Seductive Cuba – A unique book about Cuba

If you are contemplating a tour to Cuba that includes a very up close encounter with Cuban culture, this is a book that will whisk you there in the most engaging way. Read more