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Head to Club Habana for some beach time

At least once per trip to Havana I get a hankering for some pool time or a little beach action. After all,...

Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

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Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

100 bare naked ladies but the parade down Prado of naked bodies painted by artist Manuel Mendive was a great way to kick off Havana’s 11th Art Biennale Read more

Holy Smoke, Heavenly Habanos

The unique contemplative pleasure of smoking a Havana cigar should never be taken lightly. Gently, one tests it between one’s fingers and catches the first whiff of that splendid scent, before tenderly decapitating it and setting it smoldering on its aromatic way with a satisfying punch of flavour while a pale blue, gently undulating swirl of smoke rises from it when in repose. Read more

“Let’s Look For Love” — Living Gay, Proud and Out loud in Cuba

“Five years ago (Cubans) didn’t know anything about homophobia. Now, they know it’s not a good thing and does not form positive human values.” Read more