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Havana boatpast

On Monday, May 6 a flotilla of power and sailboats cruised along Havana’s waterfront in a celebration of the city’s 500th anniversary....

Cuban Film “The Return” Premieres in Havana Movie Theaters

El Regreso (The Return), the directorial debut by Cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, is being premiered Read more

JetBlue adds flight from Boston to Havana

A JetBlue flight from Boston landed in Havana on Saturday, November 10. the U.S. airline has expanded its routes to Cuba despite... Read more

Cuba The Cookbook

The flavours of the island can now be cooked right in your own home For a country that has seen an explosion... Read more

Two new boutique hotels on the Old Havana block

There has been a remarkable wave of entrepreneurial spirit seeping through the streets of Havana in recent years. From the explosion of... Read more

Havana photo tours with “a friend”

Top photo – Cory Lynn Tucker Amanda Bjorn loves Cuba. I mean, Amanda Bjorn really  loves Cuba. In fact, she loves Cuba so much that... Read more

Cuba Is on Exhibit In Los Angeles

If you are a Cubaphile, and/or a lover of photography, and find yourself In Los Angeles between now and March 4, 2018, run, don’t walk, to the Cuba Is exhibit Read more

Cojimar’s Camila Cabella’s “Havana” hits Number One

Camila Cabello is single-handedly putting the word “Havana” on practically everyone’s lips (while swaying their hips). With her infectious Top 10 hit... Read more

Major Lazer film “Give Me Future” – Cuban youth culture in a historic concert

Major Lazer, as I have come to learn, is a Electronic Dance Music (EDM) trio Read more

A Cuban actress invades Hollywood

Pop quiz: What does the newly-released blockbuster film ‘Bladerunner 2049’ and Havana, Cuba have in common? Answer: Cuban actress Ana de Armas.... Read more

Habanos Cigar Festival announces upcoming 2018 dates

Last week Habanos S.A. announced the 20th annual Habanos Festival will be held from February 26th to March 2nd 2018 in Havana,... Read more

Cuban boxer Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos dies at age 75

This past week, while hurricane Irma was bearing down on Cuba, another lesser but still powerful force, legendary Cuban boxer, Sugar Ramos,... Read more

Havana – the Irma Aftermath

Havana is far from recovered from the devastating hurricane, but things have calmed down. Here are photos taken yesterday Read more

Cuba picks up the pieces after Hurricane Irma

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma the images flowing out of Havana have been shocking. Habaneros wading through main streets near the... Read more

Beisbol 2017-2018: Play bol!!

Many visitors to Cuba like to catch a baseball game as part of their trip. The 2017-2018 season got under way on... Read more

Five Star Grandeur – Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

  Oh la la ! The grand opening of Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski did not disappoint.   Havana’s first genuine five-star hotel since... Read more

La Zorra y el Cuervo serves up Havana jazz

I was not a hipster chasing Billie Holiday between Harlem jazz clubs in the 1940s but, if I had been, I am... Read more

The Church of Regla, Across the Bay from Old Havana

Every time I’m in Cuba at Easter time, I religiously visit our parish church in Regla. Of all the things somebody from... Read more

Head to Club Habana for some beach time

At least once per trip to Havana I get a hankering for some pool time or a little beach action. After all,... Read more

The Clandestina Guide to Havana

Idania del Rió and Leire Fernández run one of the trendiest boutiques in Havana, called Clandestina. Launched shortly after the Cuban government... Read more

Four Seasons in Havana will transport you back to the city

If you are a diehard Cubaphile like myself you likely have an insatiable appetite for all things Cuban and all people Cubano... Read more

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2017 in Cuba

The twentieth edition of the Terry Fox Run, hosted on Saturday, March 18, in Havana and other Cuban cities, saw thousands of people... Read more

Head to Helad’oro for Delicious Ice Cream

These days Havana is a city that is filled with magical and delicious surprises. Turn down one street and you will stumble... Read more

The best gay friendly places in Havana (2017)

There are no huge gay discos, pubs, saunas, or cruising nightclubs in Cuba. Neither gay magazines, newspaper, of new reports that would... Read more

Cuba has gone gay-friendly – 2017

Right now homosexuality is not illegal in Cuba, but in general, the country has a poor record on gay and lesbian rights Read more

The 2017 Havana Book Fair honours Canada

Since Cuba enjoys the highest literacy rate (99.8 per cent) in the Caribbean it should come as no surprise that one of... Read more

“Wet foot dry foot” ends.

As of Thursday January 12, 2017 the US administration has repealed a measure granting automatic residency to virtually every Cuban who arrived... Read more

Jaimanitas: a Havana fishing town with a famous chef and a legendary artist

Jaimanitas is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in all of Havana. Over the course of my travels to Havana I have met... Read more

Artisanal charcoal – first legal Cuban export to the United States

Artisanal charcoal will become the first legal Cuban export to the United States in decades under a deal between Cuba’s government and... Read more

Guerlain Of Paris Returns To Havana

Visitors to Cuba have the impression that consumer goods are not available on the island.  While this was once the case, international... Read more

Feliz año nuevo – Your 2017 Culture and Entertainment Planner

It’s the start of a brand new year and Havana is buzzing with culture, arts and entertainment.  Just click on the picture... Read more

Andrew Child’s stunning look at Havana

As a long time Cuba enthusiast, I have enjoyed many books about the country. But this new photography work that I recently... Read more

The New Regla Boat Terminal in Havana

The new modern port terminal of the “Lanchita de Regla” (Regla boat), which crosses Havana Bay to the towns of Regla and... Read more

Michale Payeur sketches Cuba

Canadian artist and sculptor Michale Payeur has the delightful habit of sending a fortunate group of recipients a daily sketch. When he... Read more

Heidi’s Cuba – exclusive blog on VisitCuba.com

Canadian photographer and author Heidi Hollinger is internationally acclaimed for her work. Read more

Calle Aguilar – come for a haircut, stay for a whole lot more

Once something of a desolate part of Havana, the northerly end of Calle Aguiar toward the Malecon is suddenly one of the... Read more

Cris-Cris: Havana’s only Lingerie Boutique

Recently Havana has become a dining/shopping city – quite surprising considering the condition of its buildings and economy. Perhaps it’s the exploding... Read more

Cultural Exchange Yacht Chartering in Cuba

The Moorings has announced new crewed cruisingcatamaran charters coming to Cuba in 2017. Read more

“Cuba beyond the Beach: Stories of life in Havana”

Cuba Beyond The Beach: Stories of Life In Havana By Karen Dubinsky Published 2016 by Between The Lines, $24.95 CAD A book... Read more

The Cuba Baseball Series may be coming to a TV screen near you!

The unlikeliest of saviors may just well be Cuba’s National Baseball Series. Read more

Café Bohemia comforts Vegetarians, Vegans and non-believers alike

What? Fresh ingredients locally sourced? Organic vegetables and herbs? Vegan and vegetarian offerings on the menu? Zut alors! Imposible! But it’s all... Read more

Memories of Havana’s Mella Theatre

Because of my age, I wasn’t able to attend the worldwide premiere of the play El Circulo de Tiza Caucasiano (“Der kaukasische... Read more

Carnival Adds Two Cuba Cruise Dates in Fall 2016

Fathom is the only U.S. cruise line sailing from the U.S. to one of the most desired destinations in the Caribbean. Read more


The Rolling Stones Live in Cuba will be premiered on cinema screens across the globe for one night only Read more

Jet Blue Lands in Santa Clara

First regular flight from the US to Cuba in over 50 years The first direct commercial flight between the US and Cuba... Read more

A Papier-Mache Tribute to Elderly Cubans

By Paula Henriquez HAVANA TIMES — I recently went back to see the artist Georgina de la Cruz. She welcomed me in her... Read more

Introducing Dandy’s Cafe at Brasil and Villegas

Inside the Dandy, one of the city's best lattes in the city is being prepared Read more

Madonna spotted at the Saratoga in Havana

News outlets and social media have leaked that Madonna is in Cuba. Right now, the pop diva is staying at the larger-than-life and... Read more

Concierge tours appeal to Americans planning to visit Cuba

Earlier this summer I was enjoying an “Americano” coffee at my new favourite Havana cafe, Dandy’s, when I overheard a couple of... Read more

O’Reilly 304 and El Del Frente: Two new Old Havana Hot Spots

both are on the same street, O'Reilly, in Old Havana Read more

Enjoy Cuba’s beautiful vintage cars – book in advance

You’ll enjoy knowing your travel details are all in place by booking on a Europe/U.S. -based website - www.oldcarshavana.com. Read more

Fun with the “Cuban Polaroid”

or Alberto Will Take your Picture Now A number of years ago, way back when Havana’s Capitolio building was not under extensive... Read more

Random street art permeates Havana

In a country that shuns billboard advertising beyond the occasional political message, the impact of its street art becomes all that more... Read more

Lamparilla 361: A foodie’s beacon of light

One of Havana’s newest and brightest stars on its exploding culinary scene is the suitably named Lamparilla 361, which directly translated means... Read more

Cuba has successfully held off the Zika

Cuba has successfully held off the Zika epidemic and in the process all but eliminated Dengue fever and other mosquito-carried illnesses, state-run... Read more

American Airlines announces flights to Cuba this September

We couldn’t help but be amused by the name of American Airlines’ “Visit Cuba” program announced today! Beginning in September 2016 AA... Read more

Trendy shopping at Clandestina

Up to now, Havana has not exactly been a shopaholic’s dream. Sure you can head to Plaza Veija and pick up last season’s... Read more

A photographer’s view of Havana

VisitCuba is proud to present another set of photographs from Cuba.  Each time we receive a new album of photos, we get... Read more

Off to Cuba for the love of photography

Jeff Melnick loves photography! He thinks nothing of hopping on a plane and heading off to some exotic location at the click... Read more

“La Habana” is the Name of Iberia’s Newest Airbus A330-200

Spanish airline Iberia has named its third new A330-200 for the Cuban capital city, Havana. The naming of “La Habana”, registered as EC-MJT,... Read more

first U.S. cruise ship sails to Havana

Hundreds of tourists and a handful of emotional Cuban-Americans arrived on the first U.S. cruise ship to sail to Havana in decades... Read more

Innovative Music Event in Santiago de Cuba on May 4-6

Cuban folk music and international electronics meet in Santiago de Cuba for a three-day event at the Teatro Heredia on May 4-6.... Read more

New WHAT’s ON for May 2016

See the entire May edition of What’s On including articles, schedule and more. Just click on the this guitar to go directly to the... Read more

Ernest Hemingway’s Life in Cuba at JFK Library

Along with the increased excitement about visiting Cuba, comes a renewed fascination with the life of American writer, Nobel Prize winner and... Read more


I was excited to finally find myself standing at the bottom of the trail that would lead up to the actual encampment... Read more

A.J. ’s Essential Havana 2016 Watering Hole List

It is really difficult to quench one’s thirst in Havana. After all, there is one great spot after another and, what the... Read more

A.J.’s Essential Where-to-Eat in Havana List 2016

As an intrepid foodie, here is my list of favorites which are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Read more

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Cuba to Eliminate Tax on US Dollar

the Cuban government announced today that it will eliminate its 10% tax on the use of the US dollar on the island Read more

With Obama visit, Americans can now travel to Cuba

the tourism ban enshrined in the embargo has barred individuals from traveling there on their own will be removed under the March 15, 2016 revisions. Read more

Not a dream: The Rolling Stones – the view from Havana

The mythical rock band The Rolling Stones confirmed their presentation for the Cuban public next May 25th. The free concert will take... Read more

A Whirlwind Vlog tour of Cuba

We are just back from our beautiful trip to Cuba, the largest and more interesting of the Caribbean islands. We have been travelling... Read more

Rays Announce Roster for Game vs. Cuba

The Tampa Bay Rays announced their roster of 34 players traveling to Cuba of which 28 will face the Cuban national team... Read more

US signs deal to resume flights to Cuba

US airlines are lining up to resume flights to Cuba thanks to a U.S.-Cuba agreement to resume commercial air traffic for the first... Read more

2016 Havana International Book Fair: a legacy

Regardless all the difficulties in Cuba, the truth is that Literacy is one of the greatest legacies of the Cuban Revolution of... Read more

Crusing to and around Cuba in 2016

With the surging popularity of Havana as a must-see travel destination, more and more prospective visitors are seeking out hotel room alternatives... Read more

Head to Havana for the world’s best cigar festival

One of life’s great pleasures is nestling oneself in a huge rattan chair on the Hotel Nacional’s terrace and lighting up one... Read more

Farmacia La Reunión

Founded in 1853, La Reunion grew to become the largest pharmaceutical business in the Americas at the time.   The old pharmacy... Read more

Unilever returns to Cuba: soap and toothpaste for all

Now Unilever NV will have a majority 60 percent stake compared to 40 percent for the Cuban state company Intersuchel S.A. Read more

Havana’s financial centre past is in its buildings

As you explore the streets of Habana Vieja,particularly O’Reilly, Obrapria, Compostella and Lamparilla,  you frequently spot buildings or parts of buildings that... Read more


The Rolling Stones will perform a groundbreaking concert in Havana, Cuba on Friday March 25, 2016.  The free concert will take place... Read more

How to go to a baseball game in Cuba – the inside secrets!

For Cubans, access to see their teams play borders on “a national right” Read more

Five unforgettable things to do in Holguin

Why should Havana get all of the limelight? If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, consider visiting Holguin at the east of... Read more

Havana’s Top Juice Bar – He Rikera

A photo essay   In the heat of the Havana day I immediately head for my favorite, lowest cost refreshment, He Rikera... Read more

Update – El Chanchullero 2016 Havana’s best-known unknown eatery

The menu has changed a bit although the prices remain shockingly reasonable for the stir fry dinners, snacks and top-drawer cocktails Read more

Sarao’s – Havana’s super hot new bar

Katy Perry’s been there and many of Havana’s beautiful people have been there and now so have we. Sarao’s Bar on Calle... Read more

Walk La Rampa – Havana’s other downtown

Most visitors to Havana very quickly find their way to Parque Centrale and the surrounding area, traditionally the downtown of this bustling... Read more

Wifi comes to Cuba

Suddenly there are 51 hotspots in Cuba where the internet can be accessed by anyone. Until now, some companies and ministries in... Read more

Major League Baseball talking Cuba

Major League Baseball is contemplating bringing some spring training games to Cuba in 2016 Read more

Cuba Welcomes U.S. Boaters and Cruisers

American cruisers, sailors, and boaters wanting to visit Cuba can now travel in confidence using new and updated chart sets for the... Read more

Katy Perry Makes Her Second Trip to Cuba

Pop singer Katy Perry made her second trip to Cuba in three days on Tuesday and visited the headquarters of the La... Read more

New Arts and Culture Guide for October 2015

You’ll love our now easy to use calendar with u more up-to date information on Music, Art, Theatre, Dance and Special events.... Read more

Byron Motley’s Embracing Cuba

Motley skips the ordinary to take an insightful, beautiful look at his subjects. Read more

Anthony Bourdain heads to Cuba on CNN

In yet another example that all points now lead to Cuba, Emmy award winning Anthony Bourdain and his CNN Parts Unknown TV... Read more

From the Source: Cuban Cigars

While restored diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Cuba have brought a wave of travel interest to the destination known for producing world class cigars, don’t get too excited. The trade embargo is technically still in place. Read more

Dancing the Hora in Cumanayagua

The theatre company TEATRO DE LOS ELEMENTOS lives, creates and thrives on a pristine working farm nestled in the gentle foothills of... Read more

Habanarte 2015: the whole art at once

For the second time, art fair Habanarte will take place in Havana, between September 3rd and 13th. Read more

Inside cycling club CanBiCuba

CanBiCuba is dedicated to creating exceptional holiday memories and giving back to the Cuban community.  Fitness, culture and good works define the organization; Cuban... Read more

It’s Official: US-Cuba Reopen Embassies after 54 Years

As the clock struck midnight on Monday morning the United States and Cuba resumed diplomatic relations after more than 54 years of... Read more

Be there this July as Santiago de Cuba turns 500

Feel like attending a 500th birthday party this this summer? If so, then book yourself a plane ticket to Santiago de Cuba,... Read more

LGBT Establishments in Havana Booming

  The Cuban government’s economic restructuring policies have in part afforded the population opportunities to secure licenses for businesses aimed at a... Read more

Cancha, cancha! Everybody cancha!

Unlike a squash or racquetball court, both of which have four walls, a cancha court has only three walls Read more

“Gay Pride” Celebrated in Cuba with Symbolic “Wedding”

Cuban activists held a symbolic “religious marriage” at “Gay Pride” day in Havana on Saturday, after a colorful parade led by sexologist... Read more

Unseen Cuba: Photographing Cuba from the sky

In theory, it seemed an easy enough idea to execute for Lithuanian aerial photographer, Marius Jovaisa: go to Cuba (in 2010) and... Read more

Havana French Movie Festival 2015

This is not a regular show of French movies. Havana French Movie Festival is France’s top festival on non-French soil, and for Cubans... Read more

Tourist Arrivals to Cuba Up 15% Boosted by US Visitors

The arrival of tourists to Cuba rose sharply in the first quarter of 2015, after the historic diplomatic rapprochement with the United... Read more

Cuban Revelations now available in paperback

As a U.S.-born journalist who has called Havana home for almost a quarter century, Marc Frank has observed in person the best... Read more

Havana Biennial 2015: Art beyond the gallery

Once again, Havana will be nothing less than a grand stage for Art. A cultural journey like no other is about to... Read more

Catching up with The Dead Daisies following their Cuban invasion

The Dead Daisies are a U.S. based hard rock band made up of performers from Guns N’ Roses (Richard Fortus), Thin Lizzy... Read more

Hostal Marqués de Liz – Casas particulares extraordinaire

Salvador Marquez dreamt of opening a casa particulare. A mechanical engineer by training (he owns three 1960 Volkswagens that he maintains himself... Read more


the International Day of Poetry – Havana celebrates all over

Poetry can be a natural condition in Cuba, an island with a rich cultural life and a profound literature. That’s why the... Read more

Muestra Joven 2015

From March 31st to April 5th Muestra Joven 2015 (the Young Cinema Exhibition) brings the most recent cinematographic productions in Cuba, made... Read more

New York to Havana – now you can fly direct

Cuba Travel Services, a US authorized carrier service provider with offices in California and Florida, is offering direct flights from New York’s JFK Airport... Read more

Discovering Enrique Rottenberg and the Fabrica de Arte Cubano

  Cuba has long been an incubator for extraordinary and unique fine art. It can be a collector’s dream for spotting emerging... Read more

Cuba waits for the Pope Francisco

  Pope Francisco will be very soon be the third Pontiff in to Cuba and Havana city is getting ready for the... Read more

Direct Telephone Connection Established Between the US and Cuba

One of the first measures of Washington was flexible some aspects of the economic and trade embargo against Cuba Read more

Exploring Havana’s Hotel Comodoro

Planning a recent trip to Havana from Montreal, I targeted hotels in the Miramar district of the city. The purpose of my... Read more

Riding Havana’s ‘Hop on, Hop off’ Double-decker Bus

I recently discovered the city’s ‘Hop on, Hop Off’, bright red, double -decker bus that runs continuously every day of the week, from morning to dusk. Read more

International Woman’s Day: March VisitCuba What’s ON is now available!

For International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015, who better to put on the cover than Omara Portuondo- just click on the cover Read more

Habanos Week – Stars and Cigars in Havana

Cuba is synonymous with fine cigars so it’s no surprise the annual Habanos International Cigar Festival is one of the biggest tourist... Read more

Today’s Secret bar: Art Pub on Brasil

Tucked quite away from the heavy traffic tourist areas the Art Pub is an authentic reflection of the new restaurant scene in Havana Read more

La Marca – brave new Havana Ink

Brand new to Havana is a one-of-a-kind tattoo art workshop, La Marca. Some of Cuba’s busiest, most creative graphic artists have taken... Read more

Buddy Bears frolic in Havana

The United Buddy Bears are presented on the square Plaza San Francisco de Asis in the centre of Havana from until March... Read more

Top 5 Things To Do When Visiting Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful tropical resort that offers many things to do. Whether your goal is to find somewhere serene and relax... Read more

Interview: The Other Side of Paradise-Life in the New Cuba

Julia Cooke is the author of The Other Side of Paradise, which is partly an account of her life while living in Cuba, but mostly a study and exploration of the challenges Cubans face on a daily basis Read more

NETFLIX in Cuba…yes but..

Netflix is coming to Cuba!  Here’s what the official press release says: Netflix Is Available in Cuba Cubans Will Gain Access to... Read more

Breaking News! US Citizens can cruise Cuba

Cuba Cruise lowers its gangplank to American Tourists For one of the first times in over 50 years, the average American citizen... Read more

Havana’s Top 7 Streets

Obispo runs right through Old Havana from the harbour to Parque Centrale and is traditional main shopping and bar street. Read more

AJ Twist aboard Cuba Cruise: Day 7

Day 7; Port of call: Punta Frances, Isla de la Juventud Our final stop on the Cuba Cruise was, in some ways,... Read more

Cuba plans higher-denomination bills as currency

Bills of 200 pesos, 500 pesos and 1,000 pesos will be added, the official daily Granma reported, citing a decree law. Thus far, the biggest-denominated bill has been 100 pesos. Read more

USA – Frequently Asked Questions Related to Cuba

This document is explanatory only, does not have the force of law, and does not supplement or modify the Executive Orders, statutes, or regulations relating to Cuba. Where specific questions arise about applicability, scope, impact, or any other aspects of these sanctions, it is the responsibility of individuals or entities seeking guidance to review the relevant statutes, regulations, and Executive Orders, and, if appropriate, consult with legal counsel. Read more

Cuba’s Varadero Marina Complex

Photo Feature by Juan Suare These pictures belong to the Varadero Marina complex where many yachts are docked at the end of... Read more

Business and Cuba: positive developments

The recent announcement by both the U.S. and Cuba that they intend to normalize their diplomatic relationship has been positively received by investors Read more

What’s On for January 2015!

Click on the cover to see What’s On in January!  Included is this startling account of a pivotal day in December! A... Read more

Big battles, tiny soldiers

Tucked away in a tiny shop on a side street near Old Havana’s Plaza Vieja a small team of women are meticulously... Read more

Royalton Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba ranked the #1 Top All-Inclusive Resort in the World

Cuba’s Royalton Cayo Santa Maria resort has been voted the number one 'All Inclusive Resort in the World' Read more

Vamos Cocodrilos – Baseball in Matanzas

its hallowed Estadio Victoria de Giron throbs with every game in a city where baseball is both a national sport and obsession Read more

Five reasons I like the Hotel Tropicoco

Since I stayed in the Tropicoco a few years ago I have learned a lot about the world of Cuban hotels. Among... Read more

Havana Jazz Plaza Holds 30th Festival

For five days, from December 17-21, Havana’s street noises will mingle with the melodies of a number of foreign and local artists. Read more

The Hotel NH Capri La Habana combines 50’s notoriety with the modern

In a city where so many buildings are absolutely frozen in time, many showing signs of wear around the edges, there is... Read more

Cuban Outfielder Yasmani Tomas Signs with Diamondbacks for $68.5 million

Yasmani Tomas, one of the most recent stars of the Cuban baseball league to flee the island, signed a six-year $68.5 million... Read more

25,000 photos, and the world’s only known derelict Mercedes Gullwing

the Degler Calendar, an automotive-themed calendar that for 2015 presents a series of glorious images from Cuba. Read more

Commercial Advertising at Cuban Stadiums

This photograph was published in the website of Cuba’s radio broadcaster COCO. It was taken by photographer Reinier Batista, and it is... Read more

Taking the Hershey Train

the rail line was constructed in 1921 by US chocolate baron, Milton S. Hershey Read more

Believe the propaganda. Nazdarovie! is great!

one of today’s hottest new restaurants in Havana serves up Russian cuisine. Located right on the Malecon Read more

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Pining for Pollo

Every trip to Havana includes at least one trip to the Hotel Inglaterra’s outdoor terrace for a cerveza, or two, enjoyed whilst... Read more

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Cojimar: Hemingway lunched here

Hemingway certainly is claimed by a very large number of the establishments in Cuba. Read more

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Panama foreign minister invites Raul Castro to Americas Summit

Panamanian Foreign Minister and Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo on Thursday invited Cuban President Raul Castro to next year’s America’s Summit,... Read more

The Celia Sanchez Tribute Ride

  There is something magical and freeing about taking a bicycle vacation. The Celia Sanchez tribute ride is a fully supported 14-day... Read more

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Things to Do in Bayamo

All the people I told I would be visiting Bayamo, Granma agreed I would like the city. Located on General Garcia street,... Read more

Gabriel Sánchez Toledo: the universality of his landscapes

Sánchez Toledo began exhibiting in 1999 at the Oscar Fernández Moreira Gallery in Sancti Spíritus, his hometown. Since receiving an academic award in 2001 from the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) and the San Alejandro Academy of Art in Havana, he has participated in numerous group and solo shows. Read more

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The best gay friendly places in Havana

Humboldt 52 Opened in May 2013, the hot staff, comfortable setting, and welcoming vibe at this, Havana’s first full-time, openly-gay bar, make... Read more

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El Piccolo

All fresh produce from the large vegetable garden outside is the basis of cooking here - fresh basil, lettuce, cucumber, you name it. Read more

One of Havana’s oldest paladares – La Casa

Opened as one of the first private restaurants in the country, La Casa has been serving since August 3rd, 1995. Read more

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Cuban communal taxis – the almendrone is a delightful way to get around

Over the years, Cubans have found many solutions to the shortage of vehicles and the Cuban taxi. Known as maquinas meaning machines or almendrones, which means almond they are also referred to as community taxis. Read more

The Pure Joy of Filming “3 Days in Havana”

You might think that in a city where it can take half a day to find toothbrush for sale, making a feature... Read more

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Bob’s Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco (Coco Key) is an island in central Cuba, known for its all inclusive resorts. It lies within the Ciego de Ávila Province and is part... Read more

3 Days in Havana – a partial film review

Film critics have been slow to warm to the recently released 3 Days in Havana. However, this reception should not discourage Cubaphiles... Read more

Fishermen, more than just an illusion

Many of these individuals fish as a way to deal with solitude, frustrations and in order to feel like a hero when they feel the fishes’ mouths tugging at the hook and the fishing line tests their skills. Read more

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A quick guide to my Havana

I had been to Cuba several times but always to get away from winter and enjoy the beautiful sands of the beaches.You'll love walking in Havana, Cuba's capital and the biggest city in the Caribbean Read more


A Cuban contemporary art rising star, Niels Reyes

Born in Santa Clara, Niels graduated in painting from the Cuban University of Arts (Instituto Superior de Arte) in 2006 and since 2008 has been exhibiting both in Cuba and elsewhere. Read more

Los Domadores de Cuba in the World Boxing Series

The entry of Cuban boxers into the World Boxing Series represents a significant change in sporting policy in Cuba and has had... Read more

Manolito Simonet – still loco por mi Habana (Crazy for my Havana)

He learned percussion in the streets of his native Camagüey even though almost all of his family came from Santiago de Cuba Read more

From Pedro Manuel to Roxana Rojo: in transformation

For Pedro Manuel González Reinoso, transvestism became a very serious way to deal with reality Read more

Life in the slow lane – dining at Opera

At a new paladar in Havana called Opera, diners get to return to a slower time and enjoy meals that capture the slow life/slow food movement. The atmosphere, the food and the ambience combine to create a very gracious experience. Read more

Sagols Vladimir León: The moods of reality and desire

For more than ten years, the paintings of Vladimir Leon Sagols have essentially been focusing on “the apotheosis” of the nude body Read more

Bianchini – great French baking comes to Havana

So how did French-style croissants turn up in Havana? Katia grew up in Cuba, the child of European parents. Read more


Romance, love and sex in Cuba

We have started an interactive blog – vista and and add your comments …and secrets…here https://www.visitcuba.com/?p=5543 Read more

Mechanics of creativity

David Coulthard and some of the team experience the creativity of Cuban mechanics during a unique trip to Havana. Read more

Hemingway in Cojímar

Early in autumn of this year, I returned to the legendary fishing village of Cojímar, just a few kilometres east of Havana.... Read more

Cuba to partially privatize state taxi firm in drive for efficiency

Cuba to partially privatize state taxi firm in drive for efficiency Read more

The pilgrimage of Our Lady of Regla -The Cuban black virgin dressed in blue

Our lady of Regla has an illustrious history that goes back to Saint Augustine (354–430).  The early Fathers of the Church, it... Read more

The 53rd Cuban Baseball Series – lets play ball

This led to official stipulations that came into effect this season allowing Cuban baseball players to try their luck in stadiums abroad as members of other teams, mainly in the Mexican League. This is a necessary change that seeks to bring Cuba up to date in this modern age of baseball. Read more

On Luis Carbonell’s 90th anniversary

Luis Carbonell has become an essential figure in Cuban culture. Read more

Seven leading Cuban contemporary artists’ works on display at new Toronto gallery

On December 7 2013 Galleria Siete-7 opened on the lobby level of Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Read more

Varadero’s best restaurant: Salsa Suarez Restaurant y Bar

For those who know Varadero’s burgeoning paladar scene Salsa Suarez has quietly established itself as the pre-eminent place to be. Lets face it – hands down it is the best. Absolutely on a par with what Havana has to offer. This is no shack on the beach offering shrimp or lobster place and surviving on a walk-by crowd. Read more

Cuban Revelations – new book with great insight into Cuba

Cuban Revelations is published in the USA by University Press of Florida. The book or e-book is available through amazon.com, amazon.ca, barnesandnoble.com and via many retail bookstores. Read more

Nesty & Howie – Cuban stars on the rise

Nesty & Howie is a break-out Cuban band featuring the duo of Ernesto Brito Muñoz (Nesty), and Howard Jesus Ramos Urbay (Howie... Read more

Edesio Alejandro’s 30 years in the spotlight

Like practically everybody who has lived in Cuba for the past 30 years, I know of Edesio Alejandro by his performances on... Read more

Cuba moves towards ditching two-tier currency

Cuba has approved a plan to gradually eliminate its dual monetary system as part of reforms aimed at improving the country's economic performance Read more

Boutique Touring with author, dancer, and TED speaker Chen Lizra

Chen Lizra’s book, My Seductive Cuba, established her as non-Cuban with a special understanding of all things Cuban, especially the people. Her... Read more

Heading to the 2013 Rusty Nuts Car Show in Cuba

the Rusty Nuts Car Club of Holland Landing, just north of Toronto, they know what is especially welcome to those Cubans who nurse 1950s-era American cars Read more

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Staying in luxurious private houses in Havana

the private rental market has not so much gone up market (there are still plenty of affordable family hosted casas) but an up-market segment has developed that competes with the best that the hotel segment has to offer Read more

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The End of Mobsters in Cuba – The Mafia in Cuba Part 4

Once the revolutionary triumph was declared, peoples' reactions against casinos, slot machines, gambling, etc., were explosive, and many casinos were razed by popular anger. Read more

Cosa Nostra Business Ventures – The Mafia in Cuba Part 3

After “Lucky ” Luciano left Cuba in March 1947, the Cosa Nostra determinedly continued the proliferation of gambling and nocturnal shows in Havana... Read more

Luciano & Lansky The Mafiosi in Cuba – Part 2

Luciano came to the island via the Camagüey Airport on October 29, 1946. Lansky picked him up and drove him to the Hotel Nacional where he stayed for nearly a month and a half Read more

The Mafia in Cuba part 1 – When Lansky came to Cuba

from Cuba, the Mafia developed their drug traffic without being bothered at all by Cuban authorities and how, in 1946, Havana was chosen as the Mafialeader’s provisional headquarters. Read more

Cienfuegos: eclectic buildings meet passionate beisbol

While most visitors to Cuba flock to the beaches of the north coast or the historic cities of Havana, Trinidad and Santiago... Read more

Milan Lounge Club – Havana’s hot new cuisine destination

It’s time to wake up to the new breed of Havana restaurant, the fabulous paladar. Read more

Hitting the beach in Havana – right downtown!

When it comes to beach blanket time, Havana doesn’t supply the beautiful sands of Verader or Holguin. In fact, within the city... Read more

The Museo de Ernesto Hemingway

The Museo de Ernesto Hemingway is located in a ‘suburb’ of Havana called San Francisco de Paula. Read more

Visiting two of Havana’s synagogues

the Jewish community in Cuba is still very much alive as a vibrant part of the country Read more

It’s cocktail hour (again) at Sloppy Joe’s Bar

Sloppy Joe’s Bar Ánimas, esq. Zulueta La Habana Vieja, CP: 10100 Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba Tel: +(537) 866 7157 Restoration After... Read more

Eating out in Varadero – 8 excellent dining spots

If you get tired of eating at the buffet in your all inclusive and want to experience something different, something possibly a... Read more

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba’s beautiful Compás

Founded in 1959, Cuba’s leading contemporary dance company Read more

Peggy Blair writes mysteries set in Havana

You’re a former Canadian Crown prosecutor who has now turned her hand to writing crime fiction. What inspired you to do your first novel set in Havana? Read more

Canadian Embassy art auction aids Cuban cancer research

Nearly two hundred people had an opportunity to view and bid on a broad range of Cuban art creating a strong link between the Canadian presence in Canada and Cuba’s booming culture scene. Read more


On November 2nd, 2011, partial modifications to the General Housing Law were published in the Official Gazette of the country, which represented a major achievement in terms of property rights in Cuba. Read more

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How to build a Cuban bicycle taxi

Taxi?  Taxi?  Taxi??!!!!!!   In Havana the bicycle taxis are everywhere. The drivers are unstoppable athletes ferrying tourists, Cubans and cargo all over... Read more

Harley-Davidson Havana to Varadero Rally – 2nd Edition

Cuba’s second ‘international’ Harley-Davidson Rally (Encuentro Harlista!) took place from Feb 8-11, 2013. This was bigger and better than last year with... Read more

Veradero: Al Capone was here – or was he?

I was recently in Varadero for a little down time. Wishing for peace, quiet, and a little taste of the old Varadero,... Read more

The Louis Cristal - Length: 162 m GRT25,611 Flag Greece

Coming in December – cruising around Cuba

Newly launched Cuba Cruise has announced a schedule of cruises that will begin next December. The cruise line plans 15 departures next... Read more

The Havana Beaches

Friendly debates between my sweetie and I, when we agree to travel to Cuba, generally boil down to “I want go to... Read more

Alexis Alvarez: from a transvestite self to the empty city

Born in San José de Las Lajas, 28 km southeast of Havana, on March 14, 1968 Alexis Álvarez is a risk taker... Read more

Montreal’s Susan Pepler paints Cuban cars

I had always been fascinated with the appearance of cars, with every little visual detail. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Selecting Cuban Cigars

Cuban Cigar sizes are presented in inches for the length followed by a number which is the ring number. Read more

New record for tourist arrivals in Cuba in 2012

According to Cuba’s Agencia Cubana de Noticias  (ACN) Cuba received 2,838,468 foreign tourists in 2012, a figure representing a new record, as well as... Read more

Strolling the 7 top bars of Obispo

The heart of casual cocktailing in Old Havana runs right down Obispo, the main shopping street of the historic area. From Parque... Read more

Sex in the City in Havana

The lines outside Galería La Acacia were more reminiscent of the mad scramble to get concert tickets for the latest reggaeton act,... Read more

Loving the Ballet Nacional de Cuba

As director and leading dancer of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, Alicia Alonso has been an inspiration and guide to the new generations of Cuban dancers. Read more

Samurai in Havana for the week of the rising sun

A crowd of Japanese looking people marching down the old streets of Havana Read more

34th International New Latin American Film Festival 2012

As always, Argentinean, Brazilian, Mexican and Cuban films aroused the greatest interest; however, Chilean cinema began to gradually take the place of the traditional favorites Read more

G.O.L.F. – Varadero golfing

At the start of the New Year, my sweetie and I were looking for a warm destination to compensate for the ugliest... Read more

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Ibrahim Miranda: From Cuzco to the sugar factory

Miranda belongs to a generation pressed by the urgency to speak out. Read more

Take this special tour – horseback riding from Trinidad

Before we know it, we are singing the Guantanamera along with a local farmer. Read more

Paladar Vistamar – splendor by the Straits

a stunning setting that offers both an uninterupted view of the ocean and an infinity pool. Read more

Hotel Raquel – historic, glamorous, unique and serving Jewish food!

this historic hotel continues to capture the Jewish cuisine and tone that it had over the years Read more

El Lucero: A new historical resto in Habana Vieja

Now this is what you head to Havana for!  The newly restored Café El Lucero captures both the old and new Havana... Read more

Visit Cueto – Guinness Book of Records cigar champ

the world’s longest cigar was made by Jose (Cueto) Castelar at the La Triada shop at Parque Morro-Cabaña in Havana, Cuba Read more

Vagón Mambí: once the elegant presidential train

At the end of Calle Brasil, east of Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, close to the edge of the harbour is an... Read more

Havana Poseurs

Walking through Old Havana is a photographer’s dream. Read more

Cuban cars: License plate secrets and ingenious ideas

If you take a moment, you’ll notice many different coloured license plates on the backs of Cuban cars Read more

Trinidad: stunning city-museum of Cuba and the Caribbean

Trinidad is so highly praised that you just have to wonder. Its reputation, however, is more than well-deserved and tiny Trinidad is... Read more

Havana’s Chinatown – Barrio Chino de La Habana

In the bustling heart of of Centro Habana, just west of Galiano not far from Central Parque, you encounter what seems completely... Read more

Papito – come for a haircut, stay for a bright new Havana!

Everything about the Artecorte Salon in Habana Vieja is not what you might expect. Not only is the salon a super-stylish haircutting place plus... Read more

Hostal El Cañonazo

Communidad Morro-Cabana Casa 27 Habana del Este Just across the harbour from Old Havana, you arrive near La Punta Fortress known as... Read more

Enjoy the Havana bars that Hemingway loved

The Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio are two bars in Old Havana where Hemingway whiled away the days and evenings during... Read more

Take me out to the ball game, Habana style
Art with an attitude – Filiberto Mora Rosales

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Art with an attitude – Filiberto Mora Rosales

Filiberto is half of Los hermanos Mora, who along with his brother Yanoski have created a splash in Cuba and many other countries Read more

Fiesta Caliente with Maykel Blanco

On Wednesday night I took a taxi to Jardines de 1830 and arrived early at 7 pm, exactly when the gates opened.... Read more

A guide to Varadero today

Varadero has been Cuba's trendiest beach town for more than a century. Read more

The Maqueta de la Havana – The ultimate model

A team of nine designers, model makers and architects worked for eleven years to build a detailed model of the Cuban capital Read more

Sandra Ramos. The other island

To most Cubans, the 1990s brought us a time in our lives that few could have imagined. Sandra Ramos, who was born... Read more


Theatre Under the Street

The show was truly incredible - powerful, creative, and real. The actors worked extremely hard. It was the intense and superb acting combined with great story telling, and extreme creativity of inventing sets with simple wooden crates Read more

Casa Miglis – Havana’s first Swedish-Cuban cuisine

Casa Miglis opened its doors to the general public on Valentine’s night 2012. This is Cuba’s first Swedish-Cuban venture and from the... Read more

Gallo’s world

No one knows the true dimension of art until one discovers popular art, or the art of the ordinary man. This is... Read more


La Guarida – A Place to Impress

From my book, Visit Cuba knew I have a great affection for Havana and asked me to report on a restaurant where... Read more


If 2011 belonged to anyone in the alternative rock fusion scene in Cuba it was to Qva Libre. This wildly energetic and... Read more

With Fuster, at his palace in Jaimanitas – part 2

A graduate of the School of Art Instructors in 1965, José Antonio Rodríguez Fuster, known to all simply as Fuster is an... Read more

Building the body beautiful in Cuba.

The 3rd Titán de Bronce Cup of body building, which took place at the Campanario Theater in the city of Guantanamo, December... Read more

Harley Davidson National Rally Varadero 14-15 April, 2012

Cuban Harlistas invite you to participate in the First National Harley Davidson Motorcycle Meet of Cuba, which has been organized in coordination... Read more

Following Chen’s footsteps – walking tours of Havana

On page 169 of My Seductive Cuba, author Chen Lizra introduces six walking tours that are a great way to meet, or... Read more

Churros in Old Havana

Old Havana is a series of narrow streets that are the focus of urban tourism in the capital for tourists and Cubans... Read more

Pop-up party on Santa Maria Beach

For the people of Havana, a day at the beach is every bit as inviting as it is for tourists. Havana is... Read more

A casa particular on the Malecon

A few views can take your breath away – that first look at the Grand Canyon  or a look down from the... Read more

Holy Smoke, Heavenly Habanos

The unique contemplative pleasure of smoking a Havana cigar should never be taken lightly. Gently, one tests it between one’s fingers and catches the first whiff of that splendid scent, before tenderly decapitating it and setting it smoldering on its aromatic way with a satisfying punch of flavour while a pale blue, gently undulating swirl of smoke rises from it when in repose. Read more

Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, patron saint of Cuba

If there is one single symbol capable of uniting Cubans, it is the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, patron saint of... Read more

Las Terrazas – An ideal day trip from Havana

Only an hour out of Havana, it feels a million miles away from the city. It’s a UNESCO biosphere, so great care is taken sensitively to develop the area and a reasonably steep entry fee is charged, to prevent the place becoming too overrun with day trippers. Read more

“Let’s Look For Love” — Living Gay, Proud and Out loud in Cuba

“Five years ago (Cubans) didn’t know anything about homophobia. Now, they know it’s not a good thing and does not form positive human values.” Read more

International Dog Show in Havana

It’s 10:00 am, Thursday, November 10, 2011. There’s a lively atmosphere at the Eduardo Saborit Sports Complex (former Dog-Track of Havana). Owners... Read more

The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, Old Havana

Nestled within one of Old Havana’s crumbling neighborhoods, off the traditional turistas stroll, lies the “Rafael Trejo” Gimnasio al Aire Libre, an open air training facility for local boxing enthusiasts. Read more

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My Seductive Cuba – A unique book about Cuba

If you are contemplating a tour to Cuba that includes a very up close encounter with Cuban culture, this is a book that will whisk you there in the most engaging way. Read more

Cuba’s Medical Diplomacy ¡Salud!

Doctors for export; altruism; humanism; or plain old politics; whatever you call it, Cuba’s massive international health program helps the bottom billion.... Read more


Cuban Cuisine traditions and innovations

Cuban cooking styles and ingredients are the result of the island’s rich cultural history When Spaniards first arrived in Cuba in 1492... Read more

All Jazzed up: The Havana International Jazz Festival

Havana is music. From first thing in the morning till last thing at night it pours out of houses, bars and cafes,... Read more

Ismael de la Caridad: Clothes for everyone

When in 2003, at the Casa de la Obra Pía in Old Havana, the Arte y Moda fashion show took place, one... Read more

Havana’s Renaissance

The restoration of Old Havana is internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s most innovative and exciting projects of urban renaissance. The... Read more

Cuba – off the beaten track

Cuba is by far the largest of the Caribbean islands, covering an area of 42,000 square miles (114,000 sq km). The varied... Read more

Viva Cuba Beisbol

Despite conflicting ideologies and fifty years of efforts to isolate Cubans from Americans, cultures converge when it comes to baseball, Cuba’s national... Read more

Detroit dowagers: Running on a wing and a prayer

 Time itself seemed to have stopped on the carretera midway between Bayamo and Veguitas. Broken-down cars from the 1950s are part of... Read more