March 12, 2013

XIII Festival Internacional de Documentales Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam

March 7-12 / Movie theatres Cuba and Rialto, Santiago de Cuba

2013 March 7-12
Location Movie theatres Cuba and Rialto, Santiago de Cuba
Web-site for further information
Institution involved Oficina Santiago Álvarez, del Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos
Any international participation  
Description of event Created in 2000, the International Documentary Festival Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam aims at highlighting the prominent role of the documentary, a film genre that has been somewhat consigned to oblivion by the promotional mechanisms of the larger movie festivals, yet with a tradition of significant quality and acknowledgement in Cuba, among other factors, thanks to the work of the late prize-winning Cuban film-maker, Santiago Alvarez. Although the festival began as a national event dedicated to the memory of the most relevant Cuban documentary maker of all time, throughout the years it has attracted the attention of a number of filmmakers from Latin America, Europe and the United States. With films in competition, parallel screenings and theoretical discussions, the Festival constitutes a space for exchanging opinions and experiences among filmmakers and lovers of this genre. The 2013 festival will be dedicated to Chile.
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