October 30, 2013

Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana

October 23-30 / Casa de Iberoamérica, streets and parks in the city of Holguín

The event seeks to recover and promote the Spanish roots and background of Ibero-American nations through a program of concerts, exhibitions, workshops and popular festivities, with the participation of important Cuban artists and guests from all over Ibero-America. A different festivity is held each day, including the Fiesta de la Semilla (the recreation of Ibero-American cultural roots), Fiesta de los Tambores (drum festivity), Fiesta de las Guitarras (Guitar Fest), Fiesta de la Solidaridad (cultural dialogue among the communities of Iberian natives and descendants, the neighborhoods and the visitors, which aims to promote joint projects) and Fiesta de los Pueblos (a celebration of the identity built from the American confluence of different ethnic groups and cultures).