May 30, 2013

Festival Internacional de Poesía de La Habana

May 18-26 / Cultural institutions in Havana and other provinces

2013 May
Location Cultural institutions in Havana and other provinces
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Institution involved Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba,  Ministry of Culture, Havana’s Historian’s Office, Fundación Nicolás Guillén, Instituto Cubano del Libro, Fundación Asia-Iberoamérica, ALBA Cultural y Red Nuestra América de Festivales Internacionales de Poesía
Description of event A gathering of poets from different countries from all over the world, this year’s International Poetry Festival will carry out Palabra del mundo” or Word of the World, a simultaneous poetry reading in hundreds of cities around the globe; the “Laboratorio de Escrituras” or Writing Laboratory, exhibitions readings in neighborhoods, schools and tobacco factories.