June 30, 2013

Festival Internacional Boleros de Oro

/ Mella and America theatres and UNEAC, in Havana, and theatres and cultural institutions in other cities including Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Santa Clara, Pinar del Río, Morón and San Antonio de los Baños

Bolero, a musical genre which emerged in Cuba in the second half of the 19th century is what the International Golden Boleros Festival is all about. This genre has had a marked influence in other countries of the area, including places as far away as Spain and Japan, and its first festival, held in Havana in 1987, is considered the oldest of its kind in Latin America. A Havana celebration in its beginnings, other provinces would become venues in later years given that Bolero is one of the most loved and performed genres in the Island. After the performances in theatres, more intimate and informal performances will take place in nightclubs and restaurants, such as Hurón Azul, Casa Dos Gardenias, Gato Tuerto and the Nacional Hotel. Mornings will be dedicated to lectures and workshops on bolero.musicos@uneac.co.cu