March 2, 2013

Festival de Música Antigua Esteban Salas

February 26-March 2 / Old Havana

2013 February 26-March 2
Location Old Havana
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Institution involved Ars Longa Early Music Ensemble and Havana’s Historian’s Office
Any international participation  
Description of event Dedicated to commemorate the anniversary of the death of the first Cuban musician of whom there is record of printed scores, every year the Esteban Salas Early Music Festival gathers outstanding performers of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music who perform in Old Havana headed by the Ars Longa Music Ensemble. This festival has made it possible for audiences to enjoy for the first time in Cuba important pieces of the universal repertory, such as the madrigalian comedy Festino” by the Italian composer Adriano Banchieri and Handel’s “Messiah.”
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Esteban Salas

Esteban Salas (1725-1803) – Qué dulce melodía – 8 min

Esteban Salas (1725-1803) – Misa de réquiem (1/2) – 9 min

Esteban Salas (1725-1803) – Resuenen armoniosos – 6 min