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Head to Helad’oro for Delicious Ice Cream

These days Havana is a city that is filled with magical and delicious surprises. Turn down one street and you will stumble...

Head to Helad’oro for Delicious Ice Cream

These days Havana is a city that is filled with magical and delicious surprises. Turn down one street and you will stumble... Read more

Jaimanitas: a Havana fishing town with a famous chef and a legendary artist

Jaimanitas is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in all of Havana. Over the course of my travels to Havana I have met... Read more

Café Bohemia comforts Vegetarians, Vegans and non-believers alike

What? Fresh ingredients locally sourced? Organic vegetables and herbs? Vegan and vegetarian offerings on the menu? Zut alors! Imposible! But it’s all... Read more

Introducing Dandy’s Cafe at Brasil and Villegas

Inside the Dandy, one of the city's best lattes in the city is being prepared Read more

O’Reilly 304 and El Del Frente: Two new Old Havana Hot Spots

both are on the same street, O'Reilly, in Old Havana Read more

Lamparilla 361: A foodie’s beacon of light

One of Havana’s newest and brightest stars on its exploding culinary scene is the suitably named Lamparilla 361, which directly translated means... Read more

A.J.’s Essential Where-to-Eat in Havana List 2016

As an intrepid foodie, here is my list of favorites which are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Read more

Update – El Chanchullero 2016 Havana’s best-known unknown eatery

The menu has changed a bit although the prices remain shockingly reasonable for the stir fry dinners, snacks and top-drawer cocktails Read more

Believe the propaganda. Nazdarovie! is great!

one of today’s hottest new restaurants in Havana serves up Russian cuisine. Located right on the Malecon Read more

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Pining for Pollo

Every trip to Havana includes at least one trip to the Hotel Inglaterra’s outdoor terrace for a cerveza, or two, enjoyed whilst... Read more

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El Piccolo

All fresh produce from the large vegetable garden outside is the basis of cooking here - fresh basil, lettuce, cucumber, you name it. Read more

One of Havana’s oldest paladares – La Casa

Opened as one of the first private restaurants in the country, La Casa has been serving since August 3rd, 1995. Read more

Life in the slow lane – dining at Opera

At a new paladar in Havana called Opera, diners get to return to a slower time and enjoy meals that capture the slow life/slow food movement. The atmosphere, the food and the ambience combine to create a very gracious experience. Read more

Bianchini – great French baking comes to Havana

So how did French-style croissants turn up in Havana? Katia grew up in Cuba, the child of European parents. Read more

Varadero’s best restaurant: Salsa Suarez Restaurant y Bar

For those who know Varadero’s burgeoning paladar scene Salsa Suarez has quietly established itself as the pre-eminent place to be. Lets face it – hands down it is the best. Absolutely on a par with what Havana has to offer. This is no shack on the beach offering shrimp or lobster place and surviving on a walk-by crowd. Read more

Summer 2013 – Havana’s best restaurants

over the last two years literally hundreds of new cafes, bars and restaurants have opened their doors Read more

Milan Lounge Club – Havana’s hot new cuisine destination

It’s time to wake up to the new breed of Havana restaurant, the fabulous paladar. Read more

Eating out in Varadero – 8 excellent dining spots

If you get tired of eating at the buffet in your all inclusive and want to experience something different, something possibly a... Read more

Veradero: Al Capone was here – or was he?

I was recently in Varadero for a little down time. Wishing for peace, quiet, and a little taste of the old Varadero,... Read more

Paladar Vistamar – splendor by the Straits

a stunning setting that offers both an uninterupted view of the ocean and an infinity pool. Read more

Hotel Raquel – historic, glamorous, unique and serving Jewish food!

this historic hotel continues to capture the Jewish cuisine and tone that it had over the years Read more

Top 10 New Private Restaurants (Paladares) in Havana

1 Le Chansonier Calle J No. 257, entre Liena y 15, Vedado, Cuba 10400, +53 78321576 le.chansonnier.restaurant@gmail.com Hector Higueras re-opened Le Chansonier... Read more

Havana’s Chinatown – Barrio Chino de La Habana

In the bustling heart of of Centro Habana, just west of Galiano not far from Central Parque, you encounter what seems completely... Read more

Hostal El Cañonazo

Communidad Morro-Cabana Casa 27 Habana del Este Just across the harbour from Old Havana, you arrive near La Punta Fortress known as... Read more

Le Garage where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana style

Le Garage is where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana-style in Miramar with a brand new burger joint. Read more

Casa Miglis – Havana’s first Swedish-Cuban cuisine

Casa Miglis opened its doors to the general public on Valentine’s night 2012. This is Cuba’s first Swedish-Cuban venture and from the... Read more


La Guarida – A Place to Impress

From my book, Visit Cuba knew I have a great affection for Havana and asked me to report on a restaurant where... Read more

Churros in Old Havana

Old Havana is a series of narrow streets that are the focus of urban tourism in the capital for tourists and Cubans... Read more


Cuban Cuisine traditions and innovations

Cuban cooking styles and ingredients are the result of the island’s rich cultural history When Spaniards first arrived in Cuba in 1492... Read more