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Cuba The Cookbook

The flavours of the island can now be cooked right in your own home For a country that has seen an explosion...

Where to Drink

O’Reilly 304 and El Del Frente: Two new Old Havana Hot Spots

both are on the same street, O'Reilly, in Old Havana Read more


Lamparilla 361: A foodie’s beacon of light

One of Havana’s newest and brightest stars on its exploding culinary scene is the suitably named Lamparilla 361, which directly translated means... Read more

Where to Eat

Head to Helad’oro for Delicious Ice Cream

These days Havana is a city that is filled with magical and delicious surprises. Turn down one street and you will stumble... Read more


Jaimanitas: a Havana fishing town with a famous chef and a legendary artist

Jaimanitas is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in all of Havana. Over the course of my travels to Havana I have met... Read more