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Havana boatpast

On Monday, May 6 a flotilla of power and sailboats cruised along Havana’s waterfront in a celebration of the city’s 500th anniversary....

JetBlue adds flight from Boston to Havana

A JetBlue flight from Boston landed in Havana on Saturday, November 10. the U.S. airline has expanded its routes to Cuba despite... Read more

Two new boutique hotels on the Old Havana block

There has been a remarkable wave of entrepreneurial spirit seeping through the streets of Havana in recent years. From the explosion of... Read more

Havana photo tours with “a friend”

Top photo – Cory Lynn Tucker Amanda Bjorn loves Cuba. I mean, Amanda Bjorn really  loves Cuba. In fact, she loves Cuba so much that... Read more

Cojimar’s Camila Cabella’s “Havana” hits Number One

Camila Cabello is single-handedly putting the word “Havana” on practically everyone’s lips (while swaying their hips). With her infectious Top 10 hit... Read more

Havana – the Irma Aftermath

Havana is far from recovered from the devastating hurricane, but things have calmed down. Here are photos taken yesterday Read more

Cuba picks up the pieces after Hurricane Irma

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma the images flowing out of Havana have been shocking. Habaneros wading through main streets near the... Read more

Five Star Grandeur – Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

  Oh la la ! The grand opening of Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski did not disappoint.   Havana’s first genuine five-star hotel since... Read more

La Zorra y el Cuervo serves up Havana jazz

I was not a hipster chasing Billie Holiday between Harlem jazz clubs in the 1940s but, if I had been, I am... Read more

The Church of Regla, Across the Bay from Old Havana

Every time I’m in Cuba at Easter time, I religiously visit our parish church in Regla. Of all the things somebody from... Read more

Head to Club Habana for some beach time

At least once per trip to Havana I get a hankering for some pool time or a little beach action. After all,... Read more

The Clandestina Guide to Havana

Idania del Rió and Leire Fernández run one of the trendiest boutiques in Havana, called Clandestina. Launched shortly after the Cuban government... Read more

Head to Helad’oro for Delicious Ice Cream

These days Havana is a city that is filled with magical and delicious surprises. Turn down one street and you will stumble... Read more

The best gay friendly places in Havana (2017)

There are no huge gay discos, pubs, saunas, or cruising nightclubs in Cuba. Neither gay magazines, newspaper, of new reports that would... Read more

Jaimanitas: a Havana fishing town with a famous chef and a legendary artist

Jaimanitas is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in all of Havana. Over the course of my travels to Havana I have met... Read more

The New Regla Boat Terminal in Havana

The new modern port terminal of the “Lanchita de Regla” (Regla boat), which crosses Havana Bay to the towns of Regla and... Read more

Calle Aguilar – come for a haircut, stay for a whole lot more

Once something of a desolate part of Havana, the northerly end of Calle Aguiar toward the Malecon is suddenly one of the... Read more

Cris-Cris: Havana’s only Lingerie Boutique

Recently Havana has become a dining/shopping city – quite surprising considering the condition of its buildings and economy. Perhaps it’s the exploding... Read more

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits Havana

Justin Trudeau visits Havana 40 years after his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s historic state visit in 1976 Read more

“Cuba beyond the Beach: Stories of life in Havana”

Cuba Beyond The Beach: Stories of Life In Havana By Karen Dubinsky Published 2016 by Between The Lines, $24.95 CAD A book... Read more

Memories of Havana’s Mella Theatre

Because of my age, I wasn’t able to attend the worldwide premiere of the play El Circulo de Tiza Caucasiano (“Der kaukasische... Read more

Introducing Dandy’s Cafe at Brasil and Villegas

Inside the Dandy, one of the city's best lattes in the city is being prepared Read more

O’Reilly 304 and El Del Frente: Two new Old Havana Hot Spots

both are on the same street, O'Reilly, in Old Havana Read more

Lamparilla 361: A foodie’s beacon of light

One of Havana’s newest and brightest stars on its exploding culinary scene is the suitably named Lamparilla 361, which directly translated means... Read more

Trendy shopping at Clandestina

Up to now, Havana has not exactly been a shopaholic’s dream. Sure you can head to Plaza Veija and pick up last season’s... Read more

A photographer’s view of Havana

VisitCuba is proud to present another set of photographs from Cuba.  Each time we receive a new album of photos, we get... Read more

“La Habana” is the Name of Iberia’s Newest Airbus A330-200

Spanish airline Iberia has named its third new A330-200 for the Cuban capital city, Havana. The naming of “La Habana”, registered as EC-MJT,... Read more

first U.S. cruise ship sails to Havana

Hundreds of tourists and a handful of emotional Cuban-Americans arrived on the first U.S. cruise ship to sail to Havana in decades... Read more

A.J. ’s Essential Havana 2016 Watering Hole List

It is really difficult to quench one’s thirst in Havana. After all, there is one great spot after another and, what the... Read more

A Whirlwind Vlog tour of Cuba

We are just back from our beautiful trip to Cuba, the largest and more interesting of the Caribbean islands. We have been travelling... Read more

Havana’s Top Juice Bar – He Rikera

A photo essay   In the heat of the Havana day I immediately head for my favorite, lowest cost refreshment, He Rikera... Read more

Walk La Rampa – Havana’s other downtown

Most visitors to Havana very quickly find their way to Parque Centrale and the surrounding area, traditionally the downtown of this bustling... Read more

Habanarte 2015: the whole art at once

For the second time, art fair Habanarte will take place in Havana, between September 3rd and 13th. Read more

LGBT Establishments in Havana Booming

  The Cuban government’s economic restructuring policies have in part afforded the population opportunities to secure licenses for businesses aimed at a... Read more

Havana Biennial 2015: Art beyond the gallery

Once again, Havana will be nothing less than a grand stage for Art. A cultural journey like no other is about to... Read more


the International Day of Poetry – Havana celebrates all over

Poetry can be a natural condition in Cuba, an island with a rich cultural life and a profound literature. That’s why the... Read more

New York to Havana – now you can fly direct

Cuba Travel Services, a US authorized carrier service provider with offices in California and Florida, is offering direct flights from New York’s JFK Airport... Read more

Cuba waits for the Pope Francisco

  Pope Francisco will be very soon be the third Pontiff in to Cuba and Havana city is getting ready for the... Read more

Exploring Havana’s Hotel Comodoro

Planning a recent trip to Havana from Montreal, I targeted hotels in the Miramar district of the city. The purpose of my... Read more

The 17th Annual Habanos Festival gets Smoking

The 17th Annual Habanos Festival kicked off Monday with a welcoming cocktail at the newly renovated Antiguo Almacen del Tobaco y la... Read more

Today’s Secret bar: Art Pub on Brasil

Tucked quite away from the heavy traffic tourist areas the Art Pub is an authentic reflection of the new restaurant scene in Havana Read more

La Marca – brave new Havana Ink

Brand new to Havana is a one-of-a-kind tattoo art workshop, La Marca. Some of Cuba’s busiest, most creative graphic artists have taken... Read more

Buddy Bears frolic in Havana

The United Buddy Bears are presented on the square Plaza San Francisco de Asis in the centre of Havana from until March... Read more

Havana’s Top 7 Streets

Obispo runs right through Old Havana from the harbour to Parque Centrale and is traditional main shopping and bar street. Read more

Five reasons I like the Hotel Tropicoco

Since I stayed in the Tropicoco a few years ago I have learned a lot about the world of Cuban hotels. Among... Read more

The Hotel NH Capri La Habana combines 50’s notoriety with the modern

In a city where so many buildings are absolutely frozen in time, many showing signs of wear around the edges, there is... Read more

Believe the propaganda. Nazdarovie! is great!

one of today’s hottest new restaurants in Havana serves up Russian cuisine. Located right on the Malecon Read more

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Pining for Pollo

Every trip to Havana includes at least one trip to the Hotel Inglaterra’s outdoor terrace for a cerveza, or two, enjoyed whilst... Read more

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Cojimar: Hemingway lunched here

Hemingway certainly is claimed by a very large number of the establishments in Cuba. Read more

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The best gay friendly places in Havana

Humboldt 52 Opened in May 2013, the hot staff, comfortable setting, and welcoming vibe at this, Havana’s first full-time, openly-gay bar, make... Read more

One of Havana’s oldest paladares – La Casa

Opened as one of the first private restaurants in the country, La Casa has been serving since August 3rd, 1995. Read more

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Cuban communal taxis – the almendrone is a delightful way to get around

Over the years, Cubans have found many solutions to the shortage of vehicles and the Cuban taxi. Known as maquinas meaning machines or almendrones, which means almond they are also referred to as community taxis. Read more

3 Days in Havana – a partial film review

Film critics have been slow to warm to the recently released 3 Days in Havana. However, this reception should not discourage Cubaphiles... Read more

Fishermen, more than just an illusion

Many of these individuals fish as a way to deal with solitude, frustrations and in order to feel like a hero when they feel the fishes’ mouths tugging at the hook and the fishing line tests their skills. Read more

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A quick guide to my Havana

I had been to Cuba several times but always to get away from winter and enjoy the beautiful sands of the beaches.You'll love walking in Havana, Cuba's capital and the biggest city in the Caribbean Read more

Los Domadores de Cuba in the World Boxing Series

The entry of Cuban boxers into the World Boxing Series represents a significant change in sporting policy in Cuba and has had... Read more

Life in the slow lane – dining at Opera

At a new paladar in Havana called Opera, diners get to return to a slower time and enjoy meals that capture the slow life/slow food movement. The atmosphere, the food and the ambience combine to create a very gracious experience. Read more

Bianchini – great French baking comes to Havana

So how did French-style croissants turn up in Havana? Katia grew up in Cuba, the child of European parents. Read more

Hemingway in Cojímar

Early in autumn of this year, I returned to the legendary fishing village of Cojímar, just a few kilometres east of Havana.... Read more

Milan Lounge Club – Havana’s hot new cuisine destination

It’s time to wake up to the new breed of Havana restaurant, the fabulous paladar. Read more

Hitting the beach in Havana – right downtown!

When it comes to beach blanket time, Havana doesn’t supply the beautiful sands of Verader or Holguin. In fact, within the city... Read more

Visiting two of Havana’s synagogues

the Jewish community in Cuba is still very much alive as a vibrant part of the country Read more

It’s cocktail hour (again) at Sloppy Joe’s Bar

Sloppy Joe’s Bar Ánimas, esq. Zulueta La Habana Vieja, CP: 10100 Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba Tel: +(537) 866 7157 Restoration After... Read more

Carlos Díaz’s Teatro El Público for the public

Carlos Diaz, the renowned director of the Teatro El Público theater company wanted to be an actor since he was a child. Read more

Peggy Blair writes mysteries set in Havana

You’re a former Canadian Crown prosecutor who has now turned her hand to writing crime fiction. What inspired you to do your first novel set in Havana? Read more

The Havana Beaches

Friendly debates between my sweetie and I, when we agree to travel to Cuba, generally boil down to “I want go to... Read more

Jazz at La Zorra y El Cuervo

Many of the jazz world’s biggest names have played there since it became a jazz destination in the late 1990s. Read more

Strolling the 7 top bars of Obispo

The heart of casual cocktailing in Old Havana runs right down Obispo, the main shopping street of the historic area. From Parque... Read more

Samurai in Havana for the week of the rising sun

A crowd of Japanese looking people marching down the old streets of Havana Read more

34th International New Latin American Film Festival 2012

As always, Argentinean, Brazilian, Mexican and Cuban films aroused the greatest interest; however, Chilean cinema began to gradually take the place of the traditional favorites Read more

Paladar Vistamar – splendor by the Straits

a stunning setting that offers both an uninterupted view of the ocean and an infinity pool. Read more

Hotel Raquel – historic, glamorous, unique and serving Jewish food!

this historic hotel continues to capture the Jewish cuisine and tone that it had over the years Read more

Top 10 New Private Restaurants (Paladares) in Havana

1 Le Chansonier Calle J No. 257, entre Liena y 15, Vedado, Cuba 10400, +53 78321576 le.chansonnier.restaurant@gmail.com Hector Higueras re-opened Le Chansonier... Read more

El Lucero: A new historical resto in Habana Vieja

Now this is what you head to Havana for!  The newly restored Café El Lucero captures both the old and new Havana... Read more

Vagón Mambí: once the elegant presidential train

At the end of Calle Brasil, east of Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, close to the edge of the harbour is an... Read more

Havana Poseurs

Walking through Old Havana is a photographer’s dream. Read more

Havana’s Chinatown – Barrio Chino de La Habana

In the bustling heart of of Centro Habana, just west of Galiano not far from Central Parque, you encounter what seems completely... Read more

Papito – come for a haircut, stay for a bright new Havana!

Everything about the Artecorte Salon in Habana Vieja is not what you might expect. Not only is the salon a super-stylish haircutting place plus... Read more

Hostal El Cañonazo

Communidad Morro-Cabana Casa 27 Habana del Este Just across the harbour from Old Havana, you arrive near La Punta Fortress known as... Read more

Enjoy the Havana bars that Hemingway loved

The Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio are two bars in Old Havana where Hemingway whiled away the days and evenings during... Read more

Take me out to the ball game, Habana style

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Pilgrimage to San Lazaro in Rincón

In mid-December, come rain or shine or cold weather, the largest religious pilgrimage in Cuba takes place in celebration of the Catholic feast of St. Lazarus. Read more

Hotel Nacional: Encapsulating a nation's history

Le Garage where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana style

Le Garage is where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana-style in Miramar with a brand new burger joint. Read more

Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

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Bare naked ladies at The Havana Biennial Art Exhibition

100 bare naked ladies but the parade down Prado of naked bodies painted by artist Manuel Mendive was a great way to kick off Havana’s 11th Art Biennale Read more

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The Havana Book Fair

The 2012 International Book Fair presented over 2,000 titles, 840 of which were new. The attendance was estimated at more than 2.5 million people who bought almost 1.5 million books in 25 days. Read more

The Maqueta de la Havana – The ultimate model

A team of nine designers, model makers and architects worked for eleven years to build a detailed model of the Cuban capital Read more


Theatre Under the Street

The show was truly incredible - powerful, creative, and real. The actors worked extremely hard. It was the intense and superb acting combined with great story telling, and extreme creativity of inventing sets with simple wooden crates Read more

Casa Miglis – Havana’s first Swedish-Cuban cuisine

Casa Miglis opened its doors to the general public on Valentine’s night 2012. This is Cuba’s first Swedish-Cuban venture and from the... Read more


La Guarida – A Place to Impress

From my book, Visit Cuba knew I have a great affection for Havana and asked me to report on a restaurant where... Read more

Following Chen’s footsteps – walking tours of Havana

On page 169 of My Seductive Cuba, author Chen Lizra introduces six walking tours that are a great way to meet, or... Read more

Churros in Old Havana

Old Havana is a series of narrow streets that are the focus of urban tourism in the capital for tourists and Cubans... Read more

Pop-up party on Santa Maria Beach

For the people of Havana, a day at the beach is every bit as inviting as it is for tourists. Havana is... Read more

International Dog Show in Havana

It’s 10:00 am, Thursday, November 10, 2011. There’s a lively atmosphere at the Eduardo Saborit Sports Complex (former Dog-Track of Havana). Owners... Read more

The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, Old Havana

Nestled within one of Old Havana’s crumbling neighborhoods, off the traditional turistas stroll, lies the “Rafael Trejo” Gimnasio al Aire Libre, an open air training facility for local boxing enthusiasts. Read more

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My Seductive Cuba – A unique book about Cuba

If you are contemplating a tour to Cuba that includes a very up close encounter with Cuban culture, this is a book that will whisk you there in the most engaging way. Read more

16 of the Best Vintage Cuban Movies

1.  Death of a Bureaucrat Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (1966) This black comedy that lashes out against institutionalized bureaucracy tells the story of... Read more

All Jazzed up: The Havana International Jazz Festival

Havana is music. From first thing in the morning till last thing at night it pours out of houses, bars and cafes,... Read more

Havana’s Renaissance

The restoration of Old Havana is internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s most innovative and exciting projects of urban renaissance. The... Read more

Cigar smoking Havana: A visitors’ guide

One of the recent accomplishments of the Cuban cigar industry has been the release of a large selection of shorter cigars of exemplary quality of which the best include Hoyo de Monterey Petit Robusto, Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill, and my recommendation, the Montecristo Petit Edmundo. Read more

As cool as a Cuban fridge —The Havana Art Biennial

What have you got in your fridge, right now? Prosciutto, black olives, clotted cream, Dom Pérignon? A green-furred can of something that... Read more