Those wonderful Cuban cars – a photo album

By Visit Cuba / Posted October 29, 2012

vintage Ural in Havana – CW photo

There are so many fabulous cars in Cuba. Every visitor brings back their own excellent pictures and we’d love to see yours. Just add your comment below and we will get back to you with instructions.

You can also comment on the cars, or any Cuba auto topic..

a restored 40s Ford convertible in Havana

a charming British vintage Vauxhall taxi

Classic Chrysler taxi in Cuba

Detail on that perfect Chrysler taxi

Olds beauty downtown Havana

A perfect Chevy – can you identify the year?

With her proud owner!


Many old British cars in Havana as well








Harley-Davidson stunner in Havana


Vintage Harley Davidsons in Havana – Thanks Dominic

What an Edsel! Carl Wallace photo


Great new contribution from Ryan Edwardson.  Thanks, Ryan.

Here’s a couple of shots of the same beautiful Chevy

come to Havana for old cars



Sid Kletz photo




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