Romance, love and sex in Cuba

By Visit Cuba / Posted January 29, 2014

This new blog is for you to recount your tales of love and excitement in the amorous island of Cuba.  Did you find love in Varadero. Did you meet someone who asked you to pay for it in Havana? Is your sister marrying that waiter from Holguin?


We will add photos and notes as we go. Contribute yours below!


Valentines Day is coming. Send us with your thoughts and experiences –  we will share your adventures.

Here’s an interesting poem


Dear Sirs,
I'm a poet and literary critic.My poems have been published in New
I'm sending my poem about Cuba:


Our love is infinite
Your voice
echoes eternity
The sounds of Havana
absorbs moments
Ships sail lazily
Fluttering waves
fill me with desire
I see You,
as in my dream
Stay with me

best regards,

Anna Banasiak


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  1. Irina Pino

    Pre-Fabricated Canons and Sexual Experiments in Cuba
    Irina Pino

    Breast enlargement to get a good job. Photo: Of the articles I’ve read recently, one dealing with the plastic surgery procedures that both women and men undergo in Spain to aspire to better jobs as companies prefer to hire “young, beautiful” people that can attract customers and make business dealings more successful.
    Breast enlargement to get a good job. Photo:
    HAVANA TIMES — Of the articles I’ve read recently, one dealing with the plastic surgery procedures that both women and men undergo in Spain to aspire to better jobs as companies prefer to hire “young, beautiful” people that can attract customers and make business dealings more successful.

    Certain areas of the body are enlarged, people are injected with Botox to remove wrinkles, hair is removed with lasers, teeth are whitened and a whole range of beauty treatments are applied to ensure the social integration of individuals (to find jobs, in this case).

    People discriminate against the fat, the ugly and the old. Two fat people having sex are cause for laughter. The mass media work to establish what is valuable and what is not. Showing black nudes is not common.

    The outer shell becomes the most important thing, spiritual values recede to the background and knowledge takes second place. Which is not to say that intelligence is the exclusive virtue of those labeled “not beautiful.” It varies.

    I see nothing wrong in people wanting to feel good about themselves and working to raise their self-esteem, but I wonder how that would work in Cuba, where the possibilities of undergoing plastic surgery are limited. A friend told me that her husband had asked her to have her breasts enlarged (even though she didn’t like the idea one bit). When they found out the price, they ditched the idea, knowing they would never be able to come up with the money for the operation. She told her husband to look for a lover with large breasts, because she was staying with her two fried eggs.

    He then had the idea of having a threesome with a voluptuous woman to satisfy his cravings. After something of an argument, they prepared everything for the adventure. Then my friend had another idea: adding someone else to the mix, someone who, following her fantasy, would have to be a long-haired man covered in tattoos. Of course, my friend’s husband didn’t accept the idea. The potential rival could lessen him in the eyes of his woman.

    They agreed to have their affair separately. These arrangements can be made within an “open relationship” without them posing a threat to the marriage. They had heard some friends who had such a relationship say that.

    After carrying out this sexual experiment, they continued in their relationship. She had a good time with her tattooed lover and he did the same with the big-breasted woman. However, they never felt fully satisfied with their lovers, confessing they didn’t click. They didn’t love those people, they didn’t even share any interests with them.

    Fantasies can lead to disappointment. Illusion awakens desires, even though, on occasion, they lead to situations far removed from the original fantasy.

    Other couples may have experienced just the opposite. There are no rules for desire, as there are no rules for the beautiful and erotic. There are multiple ways of seeing and feeling.

  2. Jorge Milanes - Havana TImes

    Jorge Milanes

    HAVANA TIMES — “I give hand jobs, blow jobs and the full package, whatever I need to do, though I don’t like it. I have to feed my three kids and I would rather stand by the side of the road, and make more, than work for the State for a salary that’s doesn’t even cover my bus fare.”

    “Make more what?” I ask her.

    “More money, of course,” says Veronica, a former workmate I came across at one of the rotundas of Havana’s OchoVias highway.

    “Everything I’ve bought for my kids so far I owe to this. I would give my life for them. Their father doesn’t even remember that that they exist.”

    “So, how do you manage it?” I ask her.

    “In the morning, I take the kids to school and then I head down to the highway to hitch rides. I work different sections of highway – it’s very hard work with the truck drivers,” she tells me.

    “I don’t personally approve of the “work” that, according to you, is “solving” your problems,” I tell her. “I understand it’s the oldest profession there is and that you can make a lot of money, but you can also catch a lot of diseases. What are your rates?”

    “My services aren’t expensive. I offer variety and quality. There are special things I can do to satisfy my customers, depending on how deep their pockets go, with prices between 20 Cuban pesos and 20 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC). I work wonders for 20 CUC, I put extra effort into it. That’s the price for Cubans, because a foreigner pays more. Those are the rates for nationals. I don’t think they’re too expensive, because no one has refused to pay me so far, let alone said no to this body.”

    She touches herself, revealing the rather impressive body she sells. I give her a close look, as this information has already been burned into my memory, and say to her:

    “I don’t drive a truck or work on the road, but, since you need work, we can go at it sometime. I also know a lot of friends you might want to meet and might be able to help you.”

    That’s when a car stopped and I got on. I was finally able to take off. Another working girl, who was already in the car when I got on, looked at me, waiting for a sign.

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