my husband and I are going to Cuba

By Visit Cuba / Posted January 26, 2015

I am an American living in Canada, and a couple years ago, I became a Canadian as well. For my 65th birthday in February 2015, my husband and I are going to Cuba, and I can’t be more excited. Of course I couldn’t legally have gone as an American, but now I can as a Canadian!!

I wanted to say how terrific your website is, and how much information you provide. I had wondered how the news of the lifting of the embargo really did mean to Cubans, and I have to say when I read yourarticle posted here, it made my eyes fill with tears. As an American growing up, I could never figure out why so many people from other countries hated us when I thought we were so nice! As a Canadian now, I can see and understand so much more. Sadly, all countries governments propagandize their own people.

At any rate, thank you so much for your website, and I can’t wait to visit beautiful Cuba!

Have a great 2015!



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  1. Linda Barnett

    I hear it’s still illegal for dual citizens (such as I am, as well) to go there. Is that not true?

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