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By Visit Cuba / Posted April 5, 2015

It was wonderful !


It was my first time cruising so possibly that gave me zero expectations on the possible Grandeur of cruising, so no need to compare


The Staff was all extremely friendly, especially the Cubans ; as our group is from Puerto Rico, there is a certain affinity between the cultures.


My birthday fell on a Friday and I was the celebrated birthday girl all day (and night) long !!!! they made me feel so special!


The cabins are small, but they’re only to sleep, so my roomie and I worked it out fine.


Your blog helped me greatly , especially in choosing the tours – my favorite above all was Biran….a long day, but so very worth it !


Playa Punta Frances was a flop – I was told that next year it may probably not be a stop – the BBQ (food) was on board, not at the beach (I was told they were now doing it that way because it was “too much trouble” to take everything to the beach for the BBQ so you had to take a tender to have lunch and then back again to the beach…as I had already visited that beach, I opted out of the hassle.


I was unable to go to Tropicana on that first day, the schedule was just too tight when we checked in so, since I had two additional nights at Havana after the cruise, I did go on that Monday…once again, thanks! It was a memorable evening.





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