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Cuban boxer Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos dies at age 75

By AJ Twist / Posted September 15, 2017

325px-Ultiminio-Sugar-RamosThis past week, while hurricane Irma was bearing down on Cuba, another lesser but still powerful force, legendary Cuban boxer, Sugar Ramos, passed away in Mexico City at the age of 75.


With a professional career that started in in Havana in1957 (at age of 15 with a knockout against Rene Arce) and spanned 15 years (with a loss in his final fight 1972 against Cesar Sinda) Ramos is perhaps best known for his fight against Davey Moore whom he defeated in L.A.’s Dodger Stadium in 1963 for the WBC World Featherweight Title.


Following that fight Moore died having hit his head first on an unpadded third rope and then on the canvas following a barrage of punches from Ramos in the 10th round. This fight prompted calls from protestors to ban the sport. Instead, the boxing ring ropes became padded with a fourth one added as well. This fight was immortalized in a song by Bob Dylan titled “Who killed Davey Moore”. Ramos always felt his athletic prowess in the ring that night was wrongly marred by Moore’s unfortunate death. Tapes of the fight reviewed by doctors after the fight exonerated Ramos while resulting in the changes to the ring equipment that followed.


Ramos was born in Mantanzas, Cuba, one of 11 children, and was encouraged to pursue the sport by his father who also had boxed. He left Cuba for Mexico City in 1961 after professional sports were banned in Cuba. He remained in Mexico City until his death on Sept. 3.


Throughout his career he fought 66 professional bouts with a 55-7-4 record and 40 knockouts. In 1992 Ramos was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame and in 2001 inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame recognizing a storied career that flourished both inside and outside of Cuba.


A.J. Twist is a Montreal-based travel writer looking for his other boxing glove.


AJ Twist

A.J. Twist is a Montreal-based writer and photographer. He is a frequent traveller to Havana,Cuba as well as many other exotic urban destinations.