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Madonna spotted at the Saratoga in Havana

By Visit Cuba / Posted August 16, 2016

The Saratoga's bar

The Saratoga’s bar

News outlets and social media have leaked that Madonna is in Cuba. Right now, the pop diva is staying at the larger-than-life and bustling Saratoga Hotel in Havana. The Saratoga opposite the Capitol is the same lodging where Beyoncé and JayZ as well as Paris Hilton have stayed.The historic hotel is one of the country’s finest and is extremely popular with the current wave of Havana visitors.

Tonight, followers, journalists and paparazzi had swarmed over the hotel’s lobby hoping to catch a glimpse of the superstar. Caribbean News Digitaltracked down a fan’s Twitter account in which the follower wrote that Madonna had arrived in Havana to celebrate her 58th birthday on August 16. Madonna is traveling with actor and model Loic Mabanza, who Instagrammed a picture of Madonna boarding a personal jet en route to Cuba.

20160816125202530131eAccording to a Havana Times report, from the airport of Havana Madonna went to the Saratoga hotel, located in the city center, where she stayed with her daughter Lourdes Leon, photographer Steven Klein and Loic Mabanza, a dancer and model.

Images were posted on social networks of family and friends of Madonna driving around Havana in 1950s convertibles. Madonna posted a picture of herself to her Twitter account with the caption “Cuba Libre.” It shows her wearing a revealing black dress with yellow flowers and smiling as she tips a black hat.


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