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Farmacia La Reunión

By Caterina Wallace / Posted January 18, 2016

DSCF 8077aDSCF8074Founded in 1853, La Reunion grew to become the largest pharmaceutical business in the Americas at the time.


The old pharmacy was founded  by Catalan José Sarrá, DSCF8066and was therefore popularly known as Farmacia Sarrá until 1959. The building at 41 Teniente Rey (the locale name for Calle Brasil) at the corner of Compostela is attractive but offers no hint of the splendour inside.








Restored by the City Historian’s Office, its carved wood counters and shelves, and stunning modern stained-glass designed by Rosa María de la Terga exhibit an interesting mixture of neo-Gothic and Modernism.





The restoration began at the end of 2000 and required painstaking stripping of many layers of varnish, paint and grime from the stunning mahogany shelves and paneling. What could be saved was carefully refinished and replicas were made where this couldn’t be accomplished. It opened as a museum in July, 2004.

Caterina Wallace