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Habanarte 2015: the whole art at once

By Samuel Rivas / Posted September 1, 2015

Habanarte-2015For the second time, art fair Habanarte will take place in Havana, between September 3rd and 13th. This initiative is the most recent opportunity to access and enjoy Cuban art, since its first edition took place last year.

For decades, cultural authorities in the island designed an all-embracing program during the summer holidays (July and August), but when classes started in September, most of it stopped. Therefore, they recently realized that there was a gap, and decided to develop new spaces for art and culture.

The event takes place in every cultural institution, and involves thousands of musicians, painters, writers, poets, dancers, and actors, in more than one hundred presentations. This is an invitation to walk Havana streets and visit its galleries, movies, theaters, and enjoy the best Cuban popular music every night with the best bands all around the country.

Some of the artists gathered this occasion are: Puppy y Los que son son, Adalberto Álvarez, NG La Banda, Charanga Habanera, Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco, Pachito y sus Kini Kini, Elito Revé y su Charangón, Isaac Delgado, Habana de Primera, Ernesto Blanco, David Blanco and his band, David Álvarez y Juego de Manos, Yumurí y sus Hermanos, Yaíma Sáez, Paulito FG, Laritza Bacallao, Anacaona, and the principal orchestra Los Van Van.

A very special moment will take place on September 10th at 20:30 in the great Theater Karl Marx, when important Cuban musician will homage the Buena Vista Social Club diva Omara Portuondo, who will perform together with the famous tres player Eliades Ochoa.

Apart from music, prestigious dance companies will also join this party of art: National Ballet, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, Lizt Alfonso Ballet, Rosario Cárdenas Company, Camagüey Ballet, Spanish Ballet of Cuba, Danza Teatro Retazos, Santiago Alfonso Company, and Conjunto Folclórico Nacional, among others.

Lectures and workshops will take place at the Art University, presenting international guests, while theater companies (Hubert de Blanck and Rita Montaner Companies, Teatro El Público, El Ciervo Encantado, La Colmenita, el Guiñol, Teatro de La Luna, and Argos Teatro) will be presenting their plays.

A new edition of the Contest and Expo-sales of plastic arts will take place for young artists under 35 years old.

Fine Arts National Museum will receive visitors at its transitory and permanent exhibits, together with other institutions such as Decorative Art National Museum, Ernest Hemingway Museum, Dance Museum, and Servando Cabrera Museum-Library.

Meanwhile, Cuba National Cinematheque, and ICAIC Animation Studios, will receive people interested in workshops about “Cuban Movies during the 80’s”, and “How to make cartoons?”.

Pabellón Cuba will the venue of the commercial fair, gathering the most valuable Cuban artisans, together with musicians and artists. This will be a very special opportunity to interact with Cuban artisans and their craftwork, and get beautiful handicraft, books, clothes, souvenirs, or paints with you. Every afternoon the day closes with a concert of one of the most popular bands in the island.

Other cultural centers will be open for this fair too, such as El Sauce, Café Miramar, Salón Rosado de La Tropical “Benny Moré”, Submarino Amarillo, La Casa de 18, and Bertolt Bretch Theater, Casas de la Música, and Casa del Alba Cultural.

Collateral activities will also take place. For instance, the Iberian Guitar Festival, and the Cuban Piano Festival “Teclas Con Paz”, which special guest will be the Venezuelan orchestra La Dimensión Latina.

As you can see, September will start very lively, full of options of Cuba art, but also with the chance to share the experience with the Cuban people.

Samuel Rivas