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Inside cycling club CanBiCuba

By Visit Cuba / Posted August 28, 2015

pic131CanBiCuba is dedicated to creating exceptional holiday memories and giving back to the Cuban community.  Fitness, culture and good works define the organization; Cuban expertise, Canadian sensibility and a collective pride in our island drive them. CanBiCuba welcomes cyclists from around the world and tailors its cycling tours to a variety of fitness levels.
CanBiCuba runs cycling tours in the spring and fall, with itineraries specifically designed to capitalize upon Cuba’s natural beauty and cultural riches.pic112

Founder Peter Marshall tells us the story in his own words:

I stared a bike tour company down here in Cuba in mid 2001. What a disaster ! I spent lots of money advertising and it was working, with lots of enquiries coming in, I was very upbeat about my new adventure.

Then on September 11th the attack on the twin towers happened. The phone went dead and in a period that was possibly the safest time ever to fly nobody wanted to risk it. It took me until the 1st week of April 2002 the get just 3 riders to come with me – two ladies from Boston and a good pal from my home club, in St.Catharines, Ontario.

We did have fun but I made some mistakes, the worst of which was to trust our trailer hook up to the little bus we had. Suffice to say the trailer came off on a road of boulders and I have never seen it since. Having such a small gang turned out perfectly and we were actually able to get bikes and luggage in our little bus.

Fourteen years on and times have changed. we host many rides here for both private groups and open rides. Events are set up for all abilities for short daily runs of an event called “Ciclo Temba”  to the sportif ride for the tough guys “Trans Cuba.”

 Javier Estevez Garcia (16) is an exceptional young racer and CanBiCuba has just given him an upgraded bike. Picture is outside "Cafe Rueda"

Javier Estevez Garcia (16) is an exceptional
young racer and CanBiCuba has just given him an upgraded bike.
Picture is outside “Cafe Rueda”

I am now nearly 70 and live in Cuba most of the time. It is time to pass the business on to the young ones. My daughter Wendy is kicking our website up a notch and in so doing learning a lot about our events and the working of our family business. My stepdaughter Hanie is working on event development here in Cuba – this is quite complicated since nothing is easy here.

The next move for CanBiCuba is the introduction of Mountain Bike Tours into back country Cuba. At the helm of this project is my stepson Frank. Frank left Cuba about seven years ago and now resides in Miami (where else) very close to his mother Ana, my wife, the lady that keeps me together.  Frank is a frequent visitor to Cuba and will now bring us clients to experience the real Cuba in the raw.

Peter and Ana

Peter and Ana

Peter Marshall



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