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Cuban Revelations now available in paperback

By Visit Cuba / Posted April 22, 2015

CoverImage_PBKindicatedAs a U.S.-born journalist who has called Havana home for almost a quarter century, Marc Frank has observed in person the best days of the revolution, the fall of the Soviet bloc, the great depression of the 1990s, the stepping aside of Fidel Castro, and the reforms now being devised by his brother. He has lived with the Cuban people as their old world falls apart and they set about trying to build a new one.

In Cuban Revelations, Frank offers a first-hand account of daily life in Cuba at the turn of the twenty-first century. This is the start of a new and dramatic epoch for islanders, the Cuban diaspora, and the evolution of U.S.-Cuban relations.

MARC FRANK is a freelance journalist based in Cuba, who works for Thomson Reuters and the Financial Times, consults for ABC News, has contributed to the Economist and Argentina’s Clarín, and is the author of Cuba Looks to the Year 2000.



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