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VisitCuba.com visitor Poetry! Cuba

By Visit Cuba / Posted February 17, 2015

CUBA ©evelyn voigt Dec 2014 
She sashays beside me into the night. 
Her withered lips mouth the words to a love song
that spills -Havana style – from a nearby bar
amid dance and laughter.
Her turquoise tank top strains 
against once impressive breasts
and invites, in giant letters of neon green,
She personifies my romantic Cuba.
That gutsy little island 
with finger raised
amid crumbling icons of colonial fists:
So Cuban. So American.
Sometime foe. Sometime friend.  
In fight but never flight.
And either way:


cuba final fff_edited-2 (2)A published free-lance writer, Evelyn Voigt pens primarily for peace, and revels in blending spoken word with music.  evelynvoigt@rogers.com


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