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Top 5 Things To Do When Visiting Cuba

By Jess Singet / Posted February 11, 2015

Cuba is a beautiful tropical resort that offers many things to do. Whether your goal is to find somewhere serene and relax or somewhere to have a bit of fun, I’ve curated a list of 5 things anyone would love to do when visiting Cuba.

Playa Paraiso Beach Bob's cuba 026 Voted as one of the top destinations in Cuba, the crystal clear waters and sandy white beaches are the true definition of beauty in nature. The simplicity of the beach offers a serene atmosphere for the more calm. Take a book out or just relax and soak it all up. Playa Paraiso won the 2014 Travelers’ Choice Winner in the category of beaches. Some have noted that this beach is a piece of heaven. This beach is also a part of a channel of beaches that are only a half a mile apart in Cayo Largo, Cuba. These beaches are collectively called the Cayo Largo del Sur. It also involves other beautiful beaches like Playa Sirena – one of the two west beaches in the attraction. Many tourists go here each year and there’s a reason why: it’s a natural tropical resort. You won’t find Cayo Largo near Santiago or Havana, but you will find these islands near Nuevo Gerona, islands off of Cuba’s coast. Besides Sirena and Paraiso, other beaches include: Playa Blanca, Playa Los Cocos, Playa Tortuga.

Scuba Diving

A vacation isn’t a vacation without actually getting in the water and doing water related activities. Cubanacan has recently expanded its water activities in Cuba, allowing tourists and residents to scuba dive at underwater sites in the island. If you plan through their designated travel agency, they will set you up with almost a 2-week itinerary on the shores of many beaches included the famous Havana coastline. These beaches include Playas del Este, Playa Bacuranao, Playa Megano, Santa Marie del Mar, Playa Boca Clega and many more. On your itinerary, Marea del Portillo Cayo Levisa, Havana coastline and Santa Lucia are the places you want to look for on to scuba dive in. On your dives, you will even have the chance to explore wreckages under the coastline and scale walls while taking a sneak peek into the lives of the underwater sea world. But you might have to catch your breath once you take a look at the world’s second largest coral reef, located in the Caribbean Sea.


Located in Cayo Naranjo, this aquarium allows you to up close and personal with dolphins and other sea life. Known as an aquatic zoo, you’ll want to spend more than 3 hours in this top rated vacation destination. After all, it wouldn’t be a vacation without swimming with dolphins, right? Fun fact: This dolphinarium is the largest in Latin America! When done, the Dolphinarium plans to have a 260-seat entertainment area, sea lions and they offer a very large play place so the dolphins can swim happily and still be free. There will be 6 pools when it is all sad and done, because they are always adding.

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If you want to partake in something more casual and sightseeing wise, then you may want to try walking the Old Havana. Located in Old Havana, Cuba, this section of the own will give you the opportunity to see the many historic buildings the represent Havana. There are plenty of landmarks, shopping areas and restaurants for you to check out! After all, eating on vacation and trying new cuisines from different cultures is something fun to do!

Museum of the Revolution

If you’re looking for the ultimate tourist venue, then you should learn about Cuba’s history at the Museum of the Revolution, located in Havana, Cuba. The architecture of the structure alone is stunning and was formerly known as the Presidential Palace. A Cuban architect named Carlos Murari designed the beauty of the structure and how the structure stands today, shows that the design is timeless.   In 1959, it was then turned into the Museum and features décor brought to you by Tiffany & Co. from New York City. There are many types of exhibits including paintings, sculpture displays and actual non-art pieces that played a huge part in Cuban history such as guns, engines and even Arnaldo Tamayo’s space suit.   If you become obsessed with learning Cuba’s history, check out a beautiful film called, “I Am Cuba” that was released in 1964. You can check this out on Netflix. However, it may be blocked if you’re planning to watch it during your stay. You, too, can learn how to bypass Netflix and watch great historical films.


The destination of Cuba has something for everyone. Young or old, you can experience it all. Whether you’re a history buff or more of a beach partier, you’ll be bragging about your experience the moment you hit the pavement of your homeland. Taste new cuisines, ride the dolphins and learn a bit about Cuba’s revolutionary history.

Jess Singet