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Le Garage where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana style

By David Jones / Posted June 14, 2012

Ave. 3ra esquina a 60,


(7) 203 0521

Open noon-midnight, Mon-Wed; noon-6am Thu-Sun

Le Garaje is where Johnny Rockets hits the road, Havana-style in Miramar with a brand new burger joint. This is a completely new concept to Havana and has brightened up a whole corner of the city with hundreds of bright fairy lights permanently on station outside leading the way to this very non-Cuban paladar.

The girls (and they are all girls) have matching blue uniforms and provide efficient service with an indulgent smile. Smart wooden furniture outside; large screen TV and air-conditioned booths inside. Outside of Cuba these places are two a penny. This is a place you could catch a sports game in the States or eat some nachos with a beer after work in London.

Sitting behind the Russian Embassy next to the Aquarium, it stands out as a one of its kind and for that it is a very welcome addition to the scene. The burgers and sandwiches are decent and the milkshakes and fruit shakes excellent. Avoid the coffee since for some reason, this comes in at a hefty CUC 3.50.

I am not really sure what is the target market here but it always seems to have a stream of clients and is the place to be to soak up some alcohol at 3am on a Friday or Saturday night.

David Jones