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Art with an attitude – Filiberto Mora Rosales

He’s irreverent, creative and wild. He is an artist of the people who has achieved international recognition yet still sells his work in the craft market on Obispo Street in Habana Vieja.

Filiberto is half of Los hermanos Mora, who along with his brother Yanoski have created a splash in Cuba and many other countries with papier-mâché sculptures of Cadillacs, and Harley Davidson motorbikes since 1990 and have been have been artists in residence with WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance – a multicultural internationally Festival, co-established by Peter Gabriel, that brings together artists from all over the globe) in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and Spain..

The pair has built a full size papier-mâché Chevrolet and Filberto has produced humourous, irreverent takes on everyone from Fidel to Cuban dogs. His work is on display both in galleries around the world and on his table in the street market where he and I met. The brothers were documented in an Italian academic book entitled “Mora Bros, Fabricantes de Imágenes. A Glance on Cuba through Filiberto and Yanoski Mora’s Works.” Here’s a brief extract

“The Mora Brothers present themselves as hybrid and multidisciplinary artists, they work parallel to the institutional culture, in and for whatever kind of social contest, entering themselves crosswise into the different established art system ranges, starting from an artistic production towards a more popular or commercial production and vice versa. Thoroughly penetrated into the Cuban social fabric they do not, as producers of images, turn exclusively to the established Art Institution, galleries or museums, but also to the handicrafts market, schools, theatre or religious community of Regla.”

For me, the attraction of Filiberto’s work was the humour and warmth it brings to life. Clearly as  representatives of the country’s culture, Los hermanos Filiberto are significant contributors. As a charming individual, Filiberto showed me the cheek, charm and fun of the country.

John Morris

John Morris writes on travel, boating and automobiles. He is a regular contributor to Visit Cuba.