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Casa Miglis – Havana’s first Swedish-Cuban cuisine

By Visit Cuba / Posted April 30, 2012

Casa Miglis opened its doors to the general public on Valentine’s night 2012. This is Cuba’s first Swedish-Cuban venture and from the looks of it will add something special to the Havana restaurant scene, which is becoming a little crowded. Located in Central Havana, this is not the most salubrious neighborhood to open a new upmarket place; however, if it is good enough for Cuba’s most celebrated paladar (La Guarida), I guess it is good enough for Casa Miglis.

Little is given away by the regular entrance, but as soon as you walk into the restaurant you get an idea why this took Miglis over a year to renovate this building to fit his dream of opening Cuba’s first experiment in Swedish cuisine. The ceilings are high, the decoration minimalist but with that attention to detail of Swedish heritage–the pike fish, the fern, the chairs high up above the bar. The finishing is superb, the lines all so very clean. From the modern wooden furniture to the tableware and the Swedish candleholders that are a treasure in themselves there has been little missed to create the desired effect. It works.

The menu is selective with only 4-5 starters and 4-5 main courses. This will rotate monthly.

Everything we ate was superb.The service was very nice, friendly, warm if a little unsure of exactly what went where, when. This will be worked out. They also need to determine the smoking policy since currently banning all smoking will annoy Havana’s puffers and allowing it will pollute some of the clear Swedish air. Go figure.

Bottom line is that this is right up on our list of the best paladares in Havana. While it will be a challenge to keep the consistency of the food, as long as it keeps Miglis’s focus, the days of good quality Swedish-Cuban cuisine should keep rolling.

Casa Miglis

Lealtad 120 entre Ánimas y Lagunas

(7) 864 1486


Open 6pm-1am



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