Blondie set to invade Havana March 15 and 16th

“One Way or Another” Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of the 70’s band Blondie are “gonna get ya, get ya, get ya,...


A Papier-Mache Tribute to Elderly Cubans

By Paula Henriquez HAVANA TIMES — I recently went back to see the artist Georgina de la Cruz. She welcomed me in her... Read more


Habanarte 2015: the whole art at once

For the second time, art fair Habanarte will take place in Havana, between September 3rd and 13th. Read more


Beisbol 2017-2018: Play bol!!

Many visitors to Cuba like to catch a baseball game as part of their trip. The 2017-2018 season got under way on... Read more


The Cuba Baseball Series may be coming to a TV screen near you!

The unlikeliest of saviors may just well be Cuba’s National Baseball Series. Read more


Cuban Film “The Return” Premieres in Havana Movie Theaters

El Regreso (The Return), the directorial debut by Cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco, is being premiered Read more


Four Seasons in Havana will transport you back to the city

If you are a diehard Cubaphile like myself you likely have an insatiable appetite for all things Cuban and all people Cubano... Read more


Cultural Exchange Yacht Chartering in Cuba

The Moorings has announced new crewed cruisingcatamaran charters coming to Cuba in 2017. Read more


Carnival Adds Two Cuba Cruise Dates in Fall 2016

Fathom is the only U.S. cruise line sailing from the U.S. to one of the most desired destinations in the Caribbean. Read more


Dancing the Hora in Cumanayagua

The theatre company TEATRO DE LOS ELEMENTOS lives, creates and thrives on a pristine working farm nestled in the gentle foothills of... Read more


Danza Contemporanea de Cuba’s beautiful Compás

Founded in 1959, Cuba’s leading contemporary dance company Read more


Trendy shopping at Clandestina

Up to now, Havana has not exactly been a shopaholic’s dream. Sure you can head to Plaza Veija and pick up last season’s... Read more


Havana Film Festival

Background & history: During the first two weeks of December, a virulent plague takes hold of Havana. Immunization is impossible and there´s... Read more

House & Home

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Staying in luxurious private houses in Havana

the private rental market has not so much gone up market (there are still plenty of affordable family hosted casas) but an up-market segment has developed that competes with the best that the hotel segment has to offer Read more



On November 2nd, 2011, partial modifications to the General Housing Law were published in the Official Gazette of the country, which represented a major achievement in terms of property rights in Cuba. Read more


Heidi Hollinger’s 300 Reasons to Love Havana

Heidi Hollinger, the internationally acclaimed photographer, author and television star, has had a love affair with Cuba since she first visited there... Read more


The 2017 Havana Book Fair honours Canada

Since Cuba enjoys the highest literacy rate (99.8 per cent) in the Caribbean it should come as no surprise that one of... Read more


Blondie set to invade Havana March 15 and 16th

“One Way or Another” Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of the 70’s band Blondie are “gonna get ya, get ya, get ya,... Read more


Cojimar’s Camila Cabella’s “Havana” hits Number One

Camila Cabello is single-handedly putting the word “Havana” on practically everyone’s lips (while swaying their hips). With her infectious Top 10 hit... Read more


A Cuban actress invades Hollywood

Pop quiz: What does the newly-released blockbuster film ‘Bladerunner 2049’ and Havana, Cuba have in common? Answer: Cuban actress Ana de Armas.... Read more


Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2017 in Cuba

The twentieth edition of the Terry Fox Run, hosted on Saturday, March 18, in Havana and other Cuban cities, saw thousands of people... Read more


Havana photo tours with “a friend”

Top photo – Cory Lynn Tucker Amanda Bjorn loves Cuba. I mean, Amanda Bjorn really  loves Cuba. In fact, she loves Cuba so much that... Read more


A photographer’s view of Havana

VisitCuba is proud to present another set of photographs from Cuba.  Each time we receive a new album of photos, we get... Read more

Places to stay

Top 5 Things To Do When Visiting Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful tropical resort that offers many things to do. Whether your goal is to find somewhere serene and relax... Read more


Royalton Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba ranked the #1 Top All-Inclusive Resort in the World

Cuba’s Royalton Cayo Santa Maria resort has been voted the number one 'All Inclusive Resort in the World' Read more



the International Day of Poetry – Havana celebrates all over

Poetry can be a natural condition in Cuba, an island with a rich cultural life and a profound literature. That’s why the... Read more

Politics & Embargo

JetBlue adds flight from Boston to Havana

A JetBlue flight from Boston landed in Havana on Saturday, November 10. the U.S. airline has expanded its routes to Cuba despite... Read more


“Wet foot dry foot” ends.

As of Thursday January 12, 2017 the US administration has repealed a measure granting automatic residency to virtually every Cuban who arrived... Read more


Cuban boxer Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos dies at age 75

This past week, while hurricane Irma was bearing down on Cuba, another lesser but still powerful force, legendary Cuban boxer, Sugar Ramos,... Read more


Cultural Exchange Yacht Chartering in Cuba

The Moorings has announced new crewed cruisingcatamaran charters coming to Cuba in 2017. Read more


Memories of Havana’s Mella Theatre

Because of my age, I wasn’t able to attend the worldwide premiere of the play El Circulo de Tiza Caucasiano (“Der kaukasische... Read more


Carlos Díaz’s Teatro El Público for the public

Carlos Diaz, the renowned director of the Teatro El Público theater company wanted to be an actor since he was a child. Read more