AJ Twist aboard Cuba Cruise: Day 6

Day 6: Port of call: Cienfuegos I made a rookie mistake. In every port there are a variety of tempting options that...

Plaza Marti Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos: eclectic buildings meet passionate beisbol

While most visitors to Cuba flock to the beaches of the north coast or the historic cities of Havana, Trinidad and Santiago... Read more

Take this special tour – horseback riding from Trinidad

Before we know it, we are singing the Guantanamera along with a local farmer. Read more

Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad: stunning city-museum of Cuba and the Caribbean

Trinidad is so highly praised that you just have to wonder. Its reputation, however, is more than well-deserved and tiny Trinidad is... Read more

DSC_0051 med

Cienfuegos: Ghosts of sugar barons

The ornate Palacio de Valle was once home to a wealthy sugar baron. The ghosts of Cuba’s past, when rich sugar barons... Read more

Baracoa, foto de Humberto Mayol

Baracoa – ‘The most beautiful land that human eyes have ever see.’

Baracoa, Cuba”s oldest city, is perfect for independent-minded travelers seeking somewhere just a little bit different with a dramatic atmosphere all its... Read more