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Niels in his Nuevo Vedado studio


A Cuban contemporary art rising star, Niels Reyes

Born in Santa Clara, Niels graduated in painting from the Cuban University of Arts (Instituto Superior de Arte) in 2006 and since 2008 has been exhibiting both in Cuba and elsewhere.

Pedro Manuel 3

From Pedro Manuel to Roxana Rojo: in transformation

For Pedro Manuel González Reinoso, transvestism became a very serious way to deal with reality Read more

Karl Marx theatre Havana

Havana Film Festival

Background & history: During the first two weeks of December, a virulent plague takes hold of Havana. Immunization is impossible and there´s... Read more

Habana 1791 – Recovering Fragrances
02 Contra la Homofobia, de Humberto Mayol

“Let’s Look For Love” — Living Gay, Proud and Out loud in Cuba

“Five years ago (Cubans) didn’t know anything about homophobia. Now, they know it’s not a good thing and does not form positive human values.” Read more


30 of the best contemporary Cuban movies (2006-2011)

1 Nothing Juan Carlos Cremata (2001) A young woman, who works in a post office and whose parents emigrated to Miami, rewrites... Read more

Top 20 Cuban Salsa-Timba Groups

Top 9 Cuban Salsa/Timba Groups

1 Alain Daniel Alain Daniel joined Bamboleo in 2001, replacing El Gafas. In addition to singing lead, he contributed several Manolín-esque compositions... Read more


Best of Gay Havana Nightlife

escaleras al cielo Cuba may not be a queer destination yet but it is certainly a lot more tolerant than most other... Read more


Cuban Cabarets: Socialism and sensuality!

“Señoras y señores…showtime!” The lights go down… as a troupe of near-naked showgirls in silver thigh-high boots and glowing chandeliers atop their... Read more

Hemingway with Fidel at fishing tournament

Hemingway haunts Havana

Whether in his favourite bars, at his secluded country house or among the fishermen and boat builders of Cojímar, Hemingway’s presence in... Read more

Juan Carlos Alom Renovating your house

Renovating your house: Havana style

Vedado was once a place of retirement for a number of Cuban families was to become the very hub of the city. Read more

05 La Rumba, de Humberto Mayol

Havana Rumba at Callejón de Hamel

¡Zumba, mamá, la rumba y tambó! ¡Mabimba, mabomba, mabomba y bombó! Repican los palos, suena la maraca, zumba la botija, se rompe... Read more